Prez of NM Medical Society suspended — drinking on job, sex with patients, WTF? — UPDATED

A New Mexico doctor posed a “clear and immediate danger to the public” for numerous infractions including having sex with patients, drinking on the job and leaving some women to give birth while unattended, the state medical board ruled.

Dr. Christopher Driskill was suspended by the New Mexico Medical Board on Friday for allegedly committing several incidents of misconduct…

The board ruled the obstetrician and gynecologist kept a personal stash of alcohol in his office.

Other inappropriate behavior includes prescribing drugs to a sexual partner, being under the influence while at work, writing lewd personal notes in medical charts, delaying a c-section and leaving a patient to give birth unattended because he was having sex with another patient…

Driskill, 42, was the incoming president of the New Mexico Medical Society

The board is now considering whether to revoke Driskill’s license. A hearing date has not been set. Dr. Driskill can challenge his suspension but at this point has not.

What is there to say? I glad the dude wasn’t my doctor.

How did he get to be elected/appointed by his peers to be the new head of the New Mexico Medical Society?

UPDATE: Finally resigned his gig as head of NM MedicalSociety

Thanks, Mike

3 thoughts on “Prez of NM Medical Society suspended — drinking on job, sex with patients, WTF? — UPDATED

  1. Back2Work says:

    New Mexico: Deal Would Restore Doctor’s License “…In December, he {Christopher Driskill} reached a settlement with state Medical Board prosecutors to restore his license. The settlement was approved Thursday by the board, which required that he “submit to a comprehensive inpatient evaluation” within the next three months by the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles.”

  2. Update: says:

    “New Mexico: Board Votes to End Doctor’s Suspension” “Dr. Driskill, who completed an evaluation at the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles as part of the settlement, can resume his practice after completing a course on professional and ethical behavior, board officials said. Upon his return, he is required to submit to monitoring, including random drug testing, therapy and having a chaperone with him when he meets patients.”

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