Folks are starting to tell the boss — Take this job and shove it!

BLS, quitting

More Americans are leaving their jobs voluntarily…

The number of people quitting their jobs has risen sharply this year, even as relatively few people have been laid off or fired.

One of the more predictable consequences of the terrible economy over the last several years was that people who had a job were holding onto it for dear life. But in a sign that the job market is coming to life, the number of people quitting their job voluntarily has soared this year, even as the number being fired or laid off has remained low.

In other words, Americans appear more confident that they can find a better job than they did even a few months ago, giving them more freedom to escape terrible hours, an obnoxious boss or a too-low salary for something else. That could be a harbinger of workers having stronger leverage in pay negotiations in the months ahead.

RTFA – click the link above and wander through a larger article entitled “Five Economic Trends To Be Thankful For”. This portion tripped my trigger more than the others. Though, they all make sense.

Most of this is the result of what has become traditional Keynesian economic policies – mostly as tweaked by Ben Bernanke who took a very courageous leap. Especially since he kept warning throughout the passage of time – punctuated by idjits voting NO – the ultimate responsibility of rebuilding our economy was political and legislative.

The White House types get a smaller piece of the credit – since they rarely acted up as much as they should have and could have in early days when even the dolts in the Republican Party were close to admitting their share of responsibility for the disaster that has become the Great Recession.

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