One more police shooting of unarmed Black man ruled a Homicide

An unarmed black man was shot three times by Los Angeles police officers, once each in the back, side and arm, according to a coroner’s report released on Monday, more than four months after his death.

The autopsy on Ezell Ford, which was first obtained by the Los Angeles Times, officially classifies his death as a homicide. It was released ahead of a Wednesday deadline imposed by the city’s mayor.

Ford, a mentally ill 25-year-old, was shot dead 11 August after police say he lunged for an officer’s gun. Police have released few details about why Ford was stopped in his South Los Angeles neighborhood by two officers assigned to the department’s anti-gang unit. A statement released shortly after Ford’s death said two officers attempted to stop him on a sidewalk, but he “continued walking and made suspicious movements” before the interaction escalated.

If you’re one of our readers outside the United States – understand that a suspicious movement includes believing you have human rights if you’re not white.

Los Angeles Police Department chief Charlie Beck said blah, blah, blah

Police officials say they delayed release of the autopsy to allow time for witnesses to come forward. They have made public pleas for witnesses from the South Central Los Angeles neighborhood to contact them…

Yes, progress is being made in the society that Republicans and other idjits say is a post-racial society – and also believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

In that vein, in Congress, the House Majority Whip – Republican Steve Scalise – says it was just ignorance on his part when he was guest speaker at a convention for white supremacists as a state representative. The “progress” part is admitting he’s an ignoranus.

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