Pay attention!

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Al Jazeera America is one of the two foreign-owned, USA-based news channels that gets the bulk of my TV news time. They are modeled on the original CNN – before it was crushed by Time-Warner – and many former CNN pros have ended up at AJAM.

The plight of the AJ crew in Egypt is critically supported worldwide. Which means they receive damned little attention in the parochial environs of these United States. Which is sad on a whole ‘nother level.

Watch the show, tonight, if you have the chance. And access.

2 thoughts on “Pay attention!

  1. Ojalá says:

    Al-Jazeera has called on Egyptian authorities to speed up the retrial of its three jailed journalists, after the court accepted their appeal on Thursday. A defence lawyer told Ahram Online that a retrial is expected to start within a month. The sessions of the retrial, however, could be extended over months. The court’s decision comes amid a growing rapprochement between Egypt and Qatar after months of soured relations due to the latter’s support for Morsi’s group. Last week, Al-Jazeera announced it was taking its controversial Egyptian service Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr channel off air.

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