Latest gun nut / Darwin Award candidate

What every well-dressed Republican woman [supposedly] needs

St Joseph Police say bodybuilder and Republican town official accidentally fires her own weapon while fitting her bra holster…

“She was having trouble adjusting her bra holster, couldn’t get it to fit the way she wanted it to. She was looking down at it and accidentally discharged the weapon,” St Joseph public safety director Mark Clapp told the Gazette about the woman, Christina Bond.

Bond reportedly shot herself in the eye on New Year’s Day, and had to be airlifted to Bronson Methodist Hospital. Her full autopsy hasn’t been released.

Gun accessories such as bra and purse holsters, designed for women, have grown in popularity over the last few years. Many businesses now cater specifically to female gun owners.

Did you think the combination of paranoia and stupidity was exclusive to men?

Bond was a delegate for St Joseph Township, in south-west Michigan. Bond was also a bodybuilder, winning the Miss Michigan Figure Overall Championship in 2013, and volunteered at the ministry at Berrien County jail.

4 thoughts on “Latest gun nut / Darwin Award candidate

  1. gracie says:

    NRA-types used to come down on the side of ignorant – and did a good job of teaching gun safety for hunters. Apparently, for nut jobs who fear some furriner jumping out of a tree to steal their shoelaces, they switched over to stupid.

  2. Nikohl Vandel says:

    mace. remember mace?
    i just don’t get it, the need for all that kind of stuff, but then i don’t put out the vibes come and harass me either.
    i wonder what kinda vibe i do put out, maybe i should get a bra holster. but then i’d need to get a bra and that would just be silly since i pretty much gave those up when i moved to california!

  3. TriggerHappy says:

    “A deadly shooting in Las Vegas was thought to be an episode of road rage among strangers. But it turns out to have been an exchange of gunfire between neighbors.” …That the Las Vegas shooting may turn out at least in part to be an act of citizen action gone tragically wrong adds another layer – that of cautionary tale about the dangers of mixing guns, high motions, and vigilantism. The story comes in an era when, in some parts of America, growing numbers of people are deciding to solve problems outside the courts. Amid high crime and police cutbacks, the rate of homicides ruled justifiable in Detroit is 2,200 percent higher than the US average, a result, in part, of growing vigilantism by groups that “consist of ordinary folk being victimized,” as the London Daily Mail noted in 2012.

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