Guns with history

Overdue. And the gun nutballs, the NRA, the folks who absolve themselves of any responsibility about gun safety – are crapping their tidy whities.

The folks who produced this PSA had a representative of the NYPD on the scene for the whole production, they used prop guns. They also told the truth about gun deaths that could have been prevented if paranoids didn’t have a lobby big enough to scare admittedly chicken-hearted politicians.

Speaking as someone who has been a gun owner for 60 years – Go get ’em, folks! Gun sense starts with gun safety, human safety – not rightwing paranoia.

2 thoughts on “Guns with history

  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    had a representative of the NYPD on the scene for the whole production, they used prop guns

    Isn’t it against the law to offer for sale or even possess realistic replicas of firearms in New York state?

    And why does a single (most often) criminal act taint the use of the same object otherwise? Should people be told when each car type/model has been used to run over someone? When each bottle of alcohol was the cause of a death?

    The anti’s have to try to rely only on emotion — and those of people who aren’t very serious about ownership if they weren’t actors like the ‘sales man’ in the first place — to push the debate. How many firearms have been used to save lives, stop rapes, prevent crimes?

    Bob S.

  2. Trigger-happy says:

    “Nearly one in ten people in the U.S. are angry and armed – and 1.5 percent of them are carrying their guns in public. They appear a little more likely to have some kind of mental illness or personality disorder, but that’s not what makes them a risk to the public. Instead, it’s their history of angry outbursts, impulsivity, breaking or smashing things in anger, losing their temper or getting into physical fights. And right now, only three states have any kind of law that enables law enforcement to take away these individuals’ guns. Those are the findings of a new study using data collected from almost 6,000 people in the early 2000s to explore the intersection of anger issues, mental health, firearm ownership and firearm carrying (excluding those who carry guns as part of their job).”

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