2 thoughts on “Not-really-a-cartoon of the day

  1. moss says:

    Dunno if he’s after the libertarian rightwing who hate financiers – or religious fundamentalists who hate successful women in business – but, mostly he identified his wife as a loving, huggy-wuggy bread-baking homemaker.

    She’s also a managing director at Goldman Sachs.

  2. Hieronymous says:

    “A ship of fools is adrift. The crew is filling the sails with lies, ignorance and innuendo – fueled by religiosity, ignorance, racism, resentment, misogyny, homophobia, hate speech, class discrimination, ethnicity, fear, distrust of government, disparagement of anyone and everyone not like them and, not the least, unbridled political ambition funded by billionaires. No person, no institution is safe from their depredations, not even the sitting president. Fear of truth also fuels this taxonomy of dysfunction, deception and destruction.” (Emanuele Corso) http://newmexicomercury.com/blog/Print/a_ship_of_fools

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