Indiana says miscarriage is abortion – woman sentenced to 20 years in prison

purvi patel indiana

Depending on trimester, abortion is illegal in the United States. So is having a stillbirth – not officially, perhaps, but thanks to a case in Indiana, we’re halfway there. On Monday, Purvi Patel, a 33 year old woman who says that she had a miscarriage, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for neglect of a dependent and feticide. She is the first woman in the United States to ever be sentenced for such a crime.

In July 2013, Patel went to the emergency room with heavy bleeding. She eventually admitted to miscarrying a stillborn fetus and placing it in a bag in a dumpster. (Patel lived with her religiously conservative parents who did not believe in premarital sex.) After police searched Patel’s cellphone, they found text messages that suggested she bought abortion-inducing drugs online.

Despite the fact that no traces of any abortifacent were found in Patel’s blood work taken at the hospital, the prosecution argued that she had taken the drugs mentioned in her text messages and caused her miscarriage at 23-24 weeks of pregnancy. And, in legal maneuvering that defies imagination, Patel was charged not just with fetal homicide, but with neglecting a child. As the Guardian reported last year, these charges are completely contradictory: neglecting a child means that you neglected a live child, and feticide means that the baby was born dead.

But logic has never been at the center of the draconian laws and arrest policies that target pregnant women: control is. As Lynn Paltrow, the executive director of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, told me last year about laws aimed at drug-using pregnant women, this kind of prosecution “is about making pregnant women – from the time an egg is fertilized – subject to state surveillance, control and extreme punishment.”

And, as with other laws that hurt pregnant women, Indiana’s feticide law was not intended (explicitly, anyway) to be a policy that affected women: it was supposedly designed to target illegal abortion providers. But despite the anti-choice insistence that women are “victims” of abortion providers, the history of how similar laws are used show just how much it’s women – and women of color in particular – who are directly impacted by “fetal protection” policies.

We may never know what really happened in Patel’s case. She has repeatedly said that she had a miscarriage which, if true, means that the state is sending a woman to jail for not having a healthy pregnancy outcome. But even if Patel did procure and take drugs to end her pregnancy, are we really prepared to send women to jail for decades if they have abortions? Even illegal ones?

We live in a nation governed almost exclusively by white males led around by the nose by an ideology inspired by the writing of hallucinating white men back in a century not yet up to the level of science and technology required to invent the flush toilet.

Since the first day of a slightly more enlightened Supreme Court ruling on behalf of women’s rights versus theocrats – in Roe v Wade – individuals and groups dedicated to rule by a 14th Century tome produced by royal committee have dedicated millions of dollars, millions of hours, to restoring the subjugation of women.

As a political crime, that commitment stinks on ice. As ideology, cant, rote obedience to patriarchal politics, every progressive tendency in American politics must address this conflict as thoroughly as we confront racism. This is a lifetime commitment. There is no other choice in a nation where political issues still revolve around questions of “stupid or ignorant”.

Purvi Patel is a political prisoner of the state of Indiana.

4 thoughts on “Indiana says miscarriage is abortion – woman sentenced to 20 years in prison

  1. Update says:

    “Abortion ban: El Salvador frees women jailed after miscarriages
    The women had been jailed for terms ranging from six to 13 years under some of the region’s harshest anti-abortion laws.
    El Salvador bans abortion in all cases, and terminating a pregnancy can send a woman to jail for up to eight years. But judges often find women guilty of the crime of aggravated homicide instead, which can be punished by imprisonment of up to 50 years.
    Many women are prosecuted after seeking medical help for complications in pregnancy, on suspicion of having attempted an abortion

    Purvi Patel’s conviction was overturned by the Indiana Court of Appeals on July 22, 2016
    However the appeals court found that Patel should be resentenced on a lower-level child neglect charge that carries a maximum three-year sentence.
    The state’s attorney general decided not to appeal the ruling, and on August 31, 2016, a St. Joseph County judge resentenced Patel to 18 months of prison time on the child neglect charge.
    This was less time than she had already served and the judge ordered her immediate release.

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