NRA/Biker Jamboree in Waco, Texas – 192 arrested, 9 dead

Click to enlargeAP Photo/Jerry Larson

Texas police announced on Monday that 192 people will face organized crime charges following the Waco bike-gang shooting where nine people were killed and 18 were injured.

Nine people were shot to death after rival biker gang members opened fire at the Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill in Central Texas on Sunday. The incident initially started as a fist fight, which then turned into a battle with knives, clubs and chains, and later, guns.

One witness described the scene as a “war zone.”…

According to police, three rival biker gangs began fighting at the Waco restaurant while multiple officers were out in the parking lot arranging protection for residents. The fight started in the restaurant and spilled outside…

The officers were in the area because they had anticipated possible trouble at the restaurant — which has been the scene of ongoing tensions between bikers in recent weeks…

Police immediately secured the scene. District attorney Abel Reyna told police two weeks ago that trouble had been brewing among the biker gangs for some time.

“Thank goodness the officers were here, and took the action that they needed to take to save numerous lives,” Swanton said.

The officers at the scene engaged the gunmen in the fight — firing their weapons, as well. However, Waco police said no officers were wounded in the gun battle…

No doubt the NRA will provide legal aid for the bikers involved in the shoot-out. Gangs like these are only defending the same rights and policies that concern the NRA – nowadays. Although they don’t get the same cut in gun sales profits the NRA does.

7 thoughts on “NRA/Biker Jamboree in Waco, Texas – 192 arrested, 9 dead

    • Mr. Clean says:

      “A year before the deadly Texas shootout that killed nine people on May 17, a lengthy report by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives detailed the involvement of U.S. military personnel and government employees in outlaw motorcycle gangs, or OMGs.” “The 40-page report, “OMGs and the Military 2014,” issued by ATF’s Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information in July of last year, warned of the escalating violence of these gangs. “Their insatiable appetite for dominance has led to shootings, assaults and malicious attacks across the globe. OMGs continue to maim and murder over territory,” the report said. “As tensions escalate, brazen shootings are occurring in broad daylight.”
      The ATF report is based on intelligence gathered by dozens of law enforcement and military intelligence agencies, and identifies about 100 alleged associates of the country’s most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs and support clubs who have worked in sensitive government or military positions.
      Those gangs “continue to court active-duty military personnel and government workers, both civilians and contractors, for their knowledge, reliable income, tactical skills and dedication to a cause,” according to the report. “Through our extensive analysis, it has been revealed that a large number of support clubs are utilizing active-duty military personnel and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and employees to spread their tentacles across the United States.”
      See for a redacted version of “OMGs and the Military 2014”

  1. FFZ says:

    “How the Bandidos became one of the world’s most feared biker gangs” see also Interesting how all of the promotional material for ‘Bike Night’ at the Twin Peaks in Waco has been sent down the memory hole – see “How Twin Peaks Is Winning the Breastaurant Wars” @ and “A Waco shootout, bike nights and Texas’s ‘breastaurant’ corridor.” @

  2. WCPGW? says:

    May 20th: “Less than one week after the Bandidos Motorcycle Club was rocked by a deadly brawl in Waco, Texas that left nine dead, members of the gang are expected to roll from across New Mexico to a rally in Red River that has become a major event for the group. Here, the state’s Bandidos will elect officers and debate how they respond — if at all — to last weekend’s deadly shootout. Whether the gang’s opaque internal politics leads to violence, however, remains an open question. Several hundred Bandidos and varying numbers of members from other outlawed motorcycle gangs typically join the crowd of approximately 15,000 to 20,000 revelers each year at the Red River Memorial Day Weekend Motorcycle Rally. Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe, a Red River resident and former marshal, has expressed concern about the possibility of violence at this year’s rally, noting a heavy law enforcement presence did not prevent Sunday’s (May 17) brawl in Waco.”

  3. Scooter says:

    “106 bikers charged in Waco shooting : One attorney in the case says there is a “serious lack of evidence” “Surveillance video from Waco, Texas, shows the shootout between police and biker clubs that ended with nine dead and 177 arrested in May.”

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