Strange, sad and disturbing death of a child in Maryland


Authorities in La Plata, Maryland, are trying to determine how a three-year-old boy died, after his mother was found pushing his dead body in a swing in a playground…

Officers responded to the scene after a resident phoned them to say that a young woman had been pushing a toddler in a swing “for an unusually long period of time”.

When officers arrived at the scene of the playground shortly before 7am on Friday, they found the toddler’s mother pushing him in the swing. Their first instinct was to administer CPR to the child as “it was clear something was wrong”, Diane Richardson, a spokesperson for the Charles County sheriff’s office, said.

But they almost immediately realized he was dead, and had been “for quite some time”, Richardson said.

Officials said it was possible the woman and her child had been at the park since the day before.

There were no obvious signs of trauma, the local sheriff’s office said, and results from an autopsy conducted over the weekend in Baltimore have so far been inconclusive, pending the return of toxicology tests, among other results…

The sheriff’s office is seeking to establish a timeline for the days leading up to the child’s death

Wills Memorial Park, where the mother and her son were found, is “a small park, nestled in a neighborhood, surrounded by homes and roadways in a quiet community”, Richardson said.

The mother was still believed to be in hospital Tuesday.

Like I said. Strange, sad and disturbing. Looks like the mother needed help. Now, her child is dead. And no one – yet – knows what happened.

One thought on “Strange, sad and disturbing death of a child in Maryland

  1. david andre davison says:

    It is a tragedy when a child dies. The longer I live and the more studying and research I have done, I find I know very little about the world. That is why I am a man of faith. I trust in Jesus to get me through, one day at a time. God Bless!

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