One thought on “Police the Police

  1. Angel 4 Light says:

    Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    In your face facts. Sad state this place has become. I don’t think all Police are like this. These are the paid assassins from the Corrupt Government. Many are still good and haven’t sold their souls to the Devil. The ones that have are no different than the SS brown shirts in the times of Hitler. These things have No Souls, meaning no consciousness or care for others. They are much like cyborgs on a mission of chaos. Either these are Clones or Reptilians in skinsuits, a Demon by any other name.

    Protect yourself with knowledge and people need to stop paying for their prison guards abuse. We are on a Prison Planet. We are the POW and Dad (The ONE) will be setting us free soon. Send out Love but do study truth and don’t fall for their (Government) lies. Don’t give up your Freedom for pretended protection. I will die standing rather than live on my knees.

    Govern = to rule
    Ment = the mind

    Enough said. Be blessed

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