Confederate flag taken down

Click for videoJohn Moore/Getty Images

Citizens of South Carolina celebrate removal of a symbol of racism and slavery

Some Americans still vacillate between ignorance and bigotry. Certainly Black folks in South Carolina know the history of slavery and racism in the Confederacy. It’s been shoved in their faces all their lives. But, the idjits who prattle about Southern Heritage being represented by that stars and bars rag are too ignorant to breathe on their own.

It was a dead issue in the South until it was adopted by racist politicians trying to preserve segregation as part and parcel of Southern life. There were NO southern statehouses flying the Confederate flag the first time I was arrested in a sit-in. That ploy hadn’t yet been thought of by corrupt officials in Southern states.

There’s nothing to preserve. Only one more tactic, part of a range of mediocrities adopted by fools and bigots to prop up their failed belief in racial superiority.

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