Another corrupt politician goes up the river

Former Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.), the Staten Islander best known for threatening on-camera to “break” a reporter “in half—like a boy,” has been sentenced by a federal judge to eight months in prison for tax evasion.

The sentencing, by US District Judge Pamela Chen, comes seven months after Grimm pleaded guilty to his role in filing a false tax return. Grimm had been indicted in April 2014 on 20 counts related to accounting practices at Healthalicious, a Manhattan restaurant he owned before his time in Congress. The restaurant’s co-owner, Bennett Orfaly, has previously been accused of having ties to a convicted Gambino family mobster.

Despite his indictment, last year, Grimm ran for reelection to his third term in Congress—and won. It was not until December 30—seven days after entering his guilty plea—that he announced his intentions to resign his seat.

Before Grimm was the target of an investigation by the FBI, he served for two decades as one of its agents. It was during this time that Grimm reportedly pulled a gun in a Queens nightclub, and, after a bouncer ejected him, stormed the nightclub with another FBI agent and members of the NYPD. “I’m a fucking F.B.I. agent,” Grimm reportedly said. “Ain’t nobody gonna threaten me.”

Sad commentary on the more criminal side of today’s Republican constituency. Just as the loony, creationist side of Christianity slanders well-meaning religious folk – just as Confederate flag-toting racists with teabags dangling from their AR-15s slander anyone who used to join the NRA to support their classes in hunting safety – conservatism as a political class is now deeply defined as the last bastion of fear and hatred. Better Dead Than Red is back and voting for more of the same.

One thought on “Another corrupt politician goes up the river

  1. Standing room only says:

    The No. 2 Republican in the New York Senate was found guilty Wednesday of lying to the FBI, a felony conviction that will cost him his seat. Earlier this year, the office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara indicted the leaders of both legislative houses, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who subsequently stepped down from their posts but refused to resign their seats. Silver, a Democrat, is accused of using his position to collect millions of dollars in illegal kickbacks, while Skelos, a Republican, is charged with pressuring companies doing business with the state to pay his son hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions and jobs in exchange for Skelos’ political support. Skelos’ son, Adam, has also been indicted.
    All three men have pleaded not guilty and denied the allegations.
    In a separate public corruption case, a federal jury in Brooklyn is deliberating whether to convict state Senator John Sampson for obstructing an investigation into allegations of embezzlement.

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