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Is there truly a new normal? Not just the one that Mohammed El-Erian writes about. A slower economy – even in the largest of those beasts roaming the world?

I’m almost as bored hearing the word “millenial” as an excuse on Bloomberg News as I am hearing about liquidiity. Though that last characteristic is measurable. Millenials – supposedly – have learned the foolishness of big cars, big houses, maybe even big jobs.

Have they learned enough about our crap politics to jump into grassroots participation to rid our nation of Citizens United SCOTUS decisions, an electoral college system designed to keep gentlemen farmers [slave owners] safe and happy, finish the job started after WW2 and remove religion not only from interference with democracy but require “sacred” trusts to pay their fair share of taxes, and thoroughly reform and simplify our tax code to require corporate sacred cows to pay their fair share of taxes.

Lots more out there. Like protecting this small ball of mud we live upon and guaranteeing a healthy planet for future generations. No shortage of tasks demanding only grassroots participation. That’s above and beyond whining on social media BTW.

And speaking of that war and its aftermath, the countries that suffered most through that war went on to make many of the changes I find myself still suggesting 70 years later. Oh, they were under consideration here in the United States; but, I guess not having had to fight an occupying army in Los Angeles or Boston was sufficient to have our focus turned by an agglomeration of sleazy politicians into “defending” our two-party system from dangerous radicalism, the thoughts of new ways of ordering our politics.

Scumbags won that ideological war and the victories since then have been in spite of our political superstructure – not because of our Constitution.

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At least federal judges are willing to serve the public good in Kentucky

April Miller and Karen Roberts

A county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on religious grounds was held in contempt of court by a U.S. federal judge on Thursday and sent to jail.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was led away by U.S. marshals who confirmed she was under arrest.

“The court doesn’t do this lightly,” District Court Judge David Bunning said in ordering that she be taken into custody.

Bunning also said his earlier injunction ordering Davis to issue marriage licenses applied to everyone and not just the four couples whose suit in July had accused Davis of not doing her job.

Davis has refused to issue licenses to any couples, gay or straight, since the U.S. Supreme Court in June ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry under the U.S. Constitution, citing her Christian beliefs.

Before and during the hearing, about 200 demonstrators on both sides of the issue gathered outside the courthouse, some chanting slogans and many holding signs. As word of the ruling emerged, supporters of same-sex marriage erupted in cheers.

Davis’ seven deputies still face their own reckoning as Bunning assigned each of them attorneys and said their fate would be determined at a 1:45 pm EDT hearing, warning them they could face fines or jail…

The hearing in Ashland, Kentucky, lasted just over two hours. Crying at times, Davis maintained that a marriage can only be between a man and a woman and she was unable to recognize same-sex marriages…

Also testifying was April Miller, who along with her partner Karen Jacobs had three times tried to get a marriage license from Davis’ office. They were one of four couples who sued Davis in July.

Throw away the key!

I have no sympathy for someone who runs for elective office and then refuses to obey the law of the land.

This is an individual who individually and as a member of her religion claims that violating the civil rights of other Americans is somehow godly. Just plain old-fashioned crap. The same lies used to hinder normal lives for people of color, of minority religions, of nationalities somehow unacceptable to this year’s favorite flavor of bigot.

She gets no sympathy from this jailbird who willingly entered cells in a half-dozen states because local law decided whether or not someone could go to school or sit down and have a crappy soft drink – based on the color of their skin.

I never expected to see anyone like Ms. Davis sitting-in alongside me. And never did. That’s not condemnation of all religious folk. You should know that, by now. Second-best time I ever had in a jail cell was discussing religious history with a Catholic priest busted in the same demonstration in Chicago.

She adds to the number of people who reject her kind of religious beliefs out-of-hand because of her denial of civil rights, civil liberties, for all Americans.

UPDATE: 5 of 6 deputy clerks say they will start issuing kicenses tomorrow. Davis wants to be released, then – but, the judge rightfully doesn’t trust her to keep from interfering. Not so incidentally, the one deputy who wouldn’t obey the law is her son. Not enough she’s paid $80K/year – she puts her kin on the payroll, too.

Nuclear cleanup project is a world-class failure

The largest and most costly U.S. environmental cleanup project has been dogged for years by worries about an accidental nuclear reaction or a spill of toxic materials that could endanger residents nearby, as well as a history of contractor retaliation against workers who voice worries about persistent safety risks.

But it hasn’t fully turned the corner yet, according to recent comments by the federal officials now overseeing its operation.

“Changing the culture takes time,” said Mark Whitney, the Department of Energy’s assistant secretary for environmental management, at a special hearing last week before members of an independent federal watchdog group that monitors safety problems at federal nuclear facilities. “I’m not going to sit here today and tell you we have everything solved.”

Whitney spoke inside a ballroom at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, Washington, 17 miles from the Hanford Site where generators churned out plutonium, the lifeblood of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, for a half-century during the Cold War. More than 55 million gallons of pasty waste now lie in decomposing barrels beneath the ground at Hanford, posing a potential safety hazard to thousands of people who rely on the nearby Columbia River for drinking water.

The Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant project there, known as WTP, is meant to exhume the waste, freeze it in glass, and give it a proper burial. But it’s been plagued by delays. It was expected to cost $4.3 billion and be built by 2011. Instead, the cost has swelled past $12 billion to date, with an estimated $7 billion in work left to be done. So far, not a drop of waste has been processed.

Read on. The worst-case result seems to be the easiest for any of these clowns to achieve.

Meanwhile —

Measuring radioactive tumbleweed

Um, which photo did I send in with my job application?

NTRD – but, you get the idea

An Illinois job applicant texted his way out of an offered position when he accidentally sent the human resources manager a nude selfie, police said.

Elmhurst police said the human resources manager at a St. Charles company contacted authorities Aug. 14 to report receiving two nude pictures via text message Aug. 11 and 13 from a man who had been offered a position with the company.

“There was a conditional offer of employment made to this particular applicant,” Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth told the Chicago Tribune. “He texted the HR director and sent a nude photo of himself.”

Police said the man who sent the pictures told investigators the nude selfies were sent accidentally.

I hope it was a mistake. Otherwise, the dude is truly demented.

“[Police] contacted the offender who admitted to sending the photographs, explaining they were actually meant for another individual and were sent to the victim in error,” the police report of the incident states. “[Police] advised the offender to cease any contact with the victim.”

The victim decided not to press charges, but police said the man’s actions were not free from consequences.

“My understanding is they’ve rescinded the offer of employment,” Ruth said.

Har. I must admit I’ve done things just as dumb in the world of job-hunting. No, I won’t give you an example. 🙂