I’m Latino. I’m Hispanic. And they’re different…

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Useful – as is pretty much everything that hits the Vox site, every day.

I had a long online debate on this topic several years ago. The funniest part being the folks on the other side were Cubans who make lots of money hustling Latinos and Hispanics – which they use to support reactionary Anglos.

I was making exactly the point Terry makes in his graphic article. They were trying to convince me I qualified as Latino because the Italian half of my family was Latin in origin. A terrible abuse of semantics. They advocated that anyone who had any ethnic origin along the Mediterranean basin was Latino.

Trucker choking on his Dr Pepper crashes into 23 new cars

Park your truck before you chug your Dr Pepper

Police say the driver of a milk tanker truck was choking on a soft drink when he drove off a Pennsylvania highway and crashed into 23 new cars on a dealership lot.

Police in Hermitage say the driver choked on Dr Pepper on Sunday and drove the truck nearly 600 feet through a grassy area before smashing into a building at Montrose Buick-GMC-Cadillac.

The Sharon Herald reports the truck rumbled down an embankment before hitting the cars, including one that was pushed into the dealership showroom.

State police found no mechanical problems with the truck and no indication the driver tried to brake. The driver of the truck owned by Neimeyer Milk Transfer was cited for careless driving.

Careless is putting it kindly.

2-way freight train service starts between Poland/China


A cargo train consisting of 41 carriages completed its first laden voyage from the city of Lodz in Poland to Chengdu, capital city of southwest China’s Sichuan Province on Sunday.

The train, carrying mostly food and beverages, including beer and cookies, took 16 days to travel the 9,826-kilometer Chengdu-Europe cargo line.

The Chengdu-Europe express railway service was started in April, 2013. So far, a total of 106 cargo trains have traveled to Lodz from Chengdu, exporting goods worth 693 million U.S. dollars, but all have returned to China empty, according to Wan Wenjun, deputy manager of the Chengdu-Europe express railway company.

A number of cities — including Chongqing in southwest China; Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Changsha in central China; Shenyang and Harbin in northeast China — have rail freight services to Europe.

And this is the start of the benefits from the projected Silk Road. As it was centuries ago, China’s new economy intends to be a 2-way street between China manufacturing and Western manufacturing. The redirected focus on consumer goods and services should be a growth market for Western firms bright enough to realize the opportunity.