Supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan to be renamed USS Barack Obama

Yes, thousands of ignoranus rightwing fools believe that is true!

The U.S.Navy announced it’s flagship and most advanced supercarrier warship will get a much needed refit and name change after it’s next mission.

Last week the Nimitz-class carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) departed San Diego, Calif. for its new home in Yokosuka, Japan.Reagan has operated extensively in the Pacific, including responding to the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

After it’s deployment the Reagan will return to Newport News, Va. for a mid-life overhaul.The Navy announced it will also be re-christening the ship to celebrate our nation’s first African American president.

…Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, Commander, Naval Air Forces, said…“When she comes home it will be time to update. Both the technology and name will be updated to reflect America’s progressive vision for the world an our allies.”

Shoemaker went on to explain the Navy had planned to build a new carrier to name after the 44th President but due to budget cuts those plans were scrapped.

It was not announced how long the ship’s current deployment would be but that Obama should be out of office by the time the name change takes place.

According to estimates from the Navy, the name swap will cost the service about $41 billion in moving expenses as per executive order.

After you read to the bottom of the article, take the time to read all the comments from teabaggers and loyal little Republicans going absolutely batshit crazy. It is hilarious.

The Fox News Facebook Page is a satire site – Duh.

Court rules EPA wrongly approved insecticide toxic to honeybees

Just a reminder it’s also wild aster season here in New Mexico 🙂

A U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled…the Environmental Protection Agency erred in allowing the insecticide sulfoxaflor on the market in 2013, overturning the federal approval of the chemical and providing a major victory for environmentalists.

A three-judge panel said the insecticide could hasten an already “alarming” decline in bees, adding the information the EPA used to approve the Dow AgroSciences insecticide was based on “flawed and limited” data and “not supported by substantial evidence.”…

Without sufficient data, the EPA has no real idea whether sulfoxaflor will cause unreasonable adverse effects on bees,” the court said.

Beekeepers and related organizations challenged the EPA’s approval of sulfoxaflor, an insect neurotoxin used on crops including citrus, cotton and vegetables. Dow AgroSciences, a division of Dow Chemical, uses the chemical in products that include Transform and Closer insecticides.

“It’s a complete victory for the beekeepers we represent,” said Greg Loarie, a lawyer for the American Honey Producers Association, the American Beekeeping Federation and other plaintiffs in the case. “The EPA has not been very vigilant.”

As an aside, the final paragraph in the article [should you click through] is bullshit. Environmentalists include pesticides as one of several causes of the demise of honeybees in the US. Not the sole cause.

Crucial October 10 match: USA vs. Mexico

The Mexican view of the upcoming match is more fun than SPORTS ILLUSTRATED

Judgment day is coming on October 10 for the U.S. men’s soccer program, or at least the closest thing to judgment day not related to the World Cup. On that day, two important games will take place. One is the senior team’s showdown with Mexico at the Rose Bowl for a berth in the 2017 Confederations Cup. The other is a one-game decider for the Under-23 team with a spot in the 2016 Olympics on the line.

The U.S.-Mexico game is a mid-term referendum on Jurgen Klinsmann the U.S. men’s national team coach, while the Olympic berth is a referendum on Klinsmann the U.S. technical director. It’s a results-based business, so the takeaways will be relatively easy to make: Elation with two wins. Disaster with two losses. And something in between if there’s a mix.

The senior match is one of those where I will use the 4K upscaling critter in my living room to sit 5 feet away from the screen to watch. Hopefully, all the way through to the end. 🙂