Uncle Sugar spent $43 million for a $500K gas station in Afghanistan

Our Afghan CNG filling station

The U.S. Department of Defense spent an estimated $43 million to build a single gas station in Afghanistan, the federal government’s oversight authority for reconstruction in the Central Asian country said Monday. The revelation marks the latest example of alleged overspending identified by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction…

SIGAR’s report called the plan to build a compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station in the small northern Afghan city of Sheberghan “ill-conceived,” and said it came at an “exorbitant cost to U.S. taxpayers.” The report noted that the gas station should have cost roughly $500,000…

The Department of Defense did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Al Jazeera…

“One of the most troubling aspects of this project is that the Department of Defense claims that it is unable to provide an explanation for the high cost the project or to answer any other questions concerning its planning, implementation or outcome,” Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John F. Sopko said in a letter to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter that accompanied the report.

Read the whole report [.pdf] if you feel like getting pissed off over millions of taxpayer dollars wasted, stolen, and misused. In a war that accomplished nothing other than decades of enmity and agony to come. A present from conservatives and cowards in Congress and the White House.

3 thoughts on “Uncle Sugar spent $43 million for a $500K gas station in Afghanistan

  1. moss says:

    We speak often of what could be accomplished for the whole of the United States, families, working people, infrastructure, if we had a humane, sensible reduction of our Imperial Legions. Stop being the cops of the world. Stop trying to intimidate everyone into obedience.

    Add-in as a matter of course, an end to corrupt oractices which shower our tax dollars upon the most useless bureaucrats and contractors on the planet. Thieves line up for a chance to “service” the needs of our military and the Pentagon.

  2. Drive on says:

    “Afghanistan’s Failed Goat Farm Is the Perfect American Disaster” https://warisboring.com/afghanistan-s-failed-goat-farm-is-the-perfect-american-disaster-ed2114523b44#.kp6m30ca8
    “The Pentagon spent $2.3 million trying to raise goats in Afghanistan. It failed, goats died and the U.S. taxpayers footed the bill.
    That’s chump change compared to the more than $100 billion America has spent on Afghan reconstruction. Despite its low price tag, the goat story is important because it’s a microcosm of U.S. aid efforts in Afghanistan.
    As above, so below. Understanding why the goat farm failed is the same as understanding why America failed when it set out to rebuild Afghanistan.”

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