Apple gives Brits same answer they gave Obama on opening encrypted data — NO!

Apple is opposed to a new British law it says would require it to provide authorities with access to encrypted data as it would create vulnerabilities hackers could exploit, Chief Executive Tim Cook said…

Britain last week unveiled a draft surveillance bill that would place explicit obligations on service providers to help intercept data and hack suspects’ devices, potentially undermining the end-to-end encryption on Apple’s iMessages.

Speaking to students in Dublin, Tim Cook said Apple would need to create a “back door” in the encryption to comply and that this would expose data to hackers…

“We believe that the safest approach for the world is to encrypt end to end with no back door. We think that protects the most people,” he said…

Experts say parts of the new bill goes beyond the powers available to security services in the United States and critics have denounced it as an assault on privacy. The British government says the law is vital to keep the country safe.

The Director of Britain’s eavesdropping agency GCHQ said on Tuesday, blah, blah, blah

Cook said if Apple’s encryption were undermined, then the “bad guys” the British government is seeking to intercept will simply use alternative encryption tools.

“If you close down the major companies from using encryption, the bad guys aren’t going to stop using encryption. They are just going to go to another source.”

I agree with Ed Snowden that the best defense available to ordinary geeks is strong encryption. Apple is the leading company taking a stand to defend that policy and therefore gets the most flak from the cops of the world. It doesn’t matter which country they’re representing from their view at the top of the heap – I trust the politics of the “security matters more than privacy” clowns about as far as I can throw them uphill into a heavy wind.

One thought on “Apple gives Brits same answer they gave Obama on opening encrypted data — NO!

  1. keaneo says:

    Although the echelon of religious paranoids seems to be the scum surface atop the heap of political paranoids this side of the pond, the age-old alliance of military paranoids and their police-state bubbas remains the core of repression, suppression and rightwing governance, UK and USA.

    Their political correctness never went away. Obedience always = security.

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