A Muslim Marine’s retort to Donald Trump


❝A former US Marine who inspired an online campaign by Muslim-Americans who oppose the idea of a religion-specific identification card says he’s had hundreds of messages of support from serving members of the US armed forces.

Tayyib Rashid’s post was prompted by remarks by Donald Trump, the presidential candidate who’s leading his Republican opposition. In a recent interview, Trump said that he’s open to the possibility of special security and surveillance measures targeting Muslims.

❝Rashid took a photo of his military ID and put it on Twitter along with a barb directed at Trump: “I’m an American Muslim and I already carry a special ID badge. Where’s yours?” Others soon began posting their own identification cards under the hashtag #MuslimID, which been used more than 10,000 times in the last three day

RTFA for many more responses.

I expect little or no truth-telling from these so-called debates from so-called Republicans.  The real shame is the cowardice of the journalists too candyass to challenge what they often know to be bald-faced lies.  I know they’re usually under orders from editors, network flunkies, to be polite at all costs.  That’s not what journalism is about, folks.

Backbone is part of the job description unless you think you signed-on to be a public relations flunky.

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