A little more research which says coffee drinking keeps you healthy — Hah!

In a study reported in the American Heart Association journal Circulation, people who regularly drank moderate amounts of coffee daily –less than 5 cups per day — experienced a lower risk of deaths from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, Type 2 diabetes and suicide.

The benefit held true for drinking caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, suggesting it’s not just the caffeine providing health perks but possibly the naturally occurring chemical compounds in the coffee beans…

The findings are based on data from three large ongoing studies: 74,890 women in the Nurses’ Health Study; 93,054 women in the Nurses’ Health Study 2; and 40,557 men in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study…

In general, people who frequently drank coffee were more likely to smoke and drink alcohol. To separate the effects of coffee from smoking, researchers repeated their analysis among never-smokers, and found that the protective benefits of coffee on deaths became even more evident…

The study was not designed to show a direct cause and effect relationship between coffee consumption and dying from illness. So the findings should be interpreted with caution, researchers said. One potential drawback of the study design was that participants were asked to report how much coffee they drank, however researchers found the assessment to be reliable.

I have been keeping in touch with studies like this for 45 years. Living on the road BITD, I drank a fair amount of coffee. And quit – once. A preliminary study at Harvard had indicated possible ties to pancreatic cancer. Scared me all right.

Then the study was completed and there was no correlation at all. Back to coffee and haven’t stopped since. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A little more research which says coffee drinking keeps you healthy — Hah!

  1. Josephus says:

    “Drinking Coffee May Lower Risk Of Early Death, According To New Study” (Forbes August 27, 2017) Another large study published in July uncovered a similar correlation, finding that drinking three or more cups a day was associated with lower risk of death from heart disease, stroke and liver disease. The latest study was presented at the European Cardiac Society Congress, August 26~30 2017.

  2. Juan Valdez® says:

    “Coffee May Protect Against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s—and This Roast Seems to Have the Biggest Benefits” (Meredith Health Group 11/6/18) https://www.health.com/food/hot-day-hot-coffee-why-it-makes-sense “Drinking coffee has previously been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and now scientists say they may have an idea of why. It turns out that phenylindanes—chemical compounds that form during the brewing process—inhibit the growth of proteins associated with degenerative brain diseases. And the darker the roast, they say, the more of these protective compounds there are in every cup.
    …because the researchers noticed no difference in the effectiveness of the regular versus decaf brews, they determined that it’s likely not the caffeine that’s providing these benefits.
    They did, however, notice more inhibitory effects from the two dark roasts compared to the light roast. This led the researchers to think about phenylindanes—compounds formed from the breakdown of acids during coffee roasting, which are largely responsible for coffee’s bitter taste.’
    The research is still preliminary, according to lead author Donald Weaver, MD, co-director of the Krembil Brain Institute, and a lot is still unknown about how these compounds actually work in the human body. (Plus, other research has suggested that lighter roasts have higher levels of different beneficial compounds, so it may still be a toss-up for overall health.)
    The results of this new study were published in Frontiers in Neuroscience, see “Phenylindanes in Brewed Coffee Inhibit Amyloid-Beta and Tau Aggregation” https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnins.2018.00735/full

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