Remember, remember, remember!

Traditional conservative John Kasich confronts Fascism in the Republican Party

A few remaining Republican moderates have joined with Breitbart-class reactionaries in calling for critics to shut up about how hard Trump works at proto-fascist pandering. At best, some may get to play the role of Pastor Martin Niemöller. At worst, they’ll be standing in line next to me waiting for a blanket in a Tea Party re-education camp.

Hopefully, American voters will turn their petrified butts out and vote against the evil of two lessers in 2016. That may be all we can hope for. I know it’s frustrating and difficult. But, I always remember a conversation I had with Harvey O’Connor, a class-conscious peace activist [and a helluva journalist], chatting over our 3rd or 4th beer in a New Hampshire bar. I was early days into fierce civil rights battles in the 1960’s while Harvey had been fighting to turn the Cold War away from becoming a nuclear holocaust right from Day One of the Churchill/Truman transfer from British Imperialism to the new American flavor.

I said something brash about the need to focus first and foremost on civil rights. Harvey retorted that I had priorities right for domestic issues in Jim Crow America – but, don’t count on achieving very much if we’re just glowing embers keeping cockroaches warm in a nuclear winter. He was very right.

You can’t fight the good fight for progress, for equal rights – if intellectual ennui overcomes self-preservation and the good people of America decide to sit out the moment when vindictive populists are trying their best to turn this nation’s clock back to the 19th Century. Or worse.

Homebuilding kit lets you assemble your own house – and then bury it


Ever since the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, people have been fascinated with the concept of having their own “hobbit home” – a quaint, vaulted house that sits beneath a covering of soil and vegetation. Building your own from scratch, however, could be rather challenging. That’s why Green Magic Homes is now offering prefabricated hobbit-like modular structures, that can be joined up to match buyers’ specifications. After that, you just add dirt and plants.

Besides looking neat and being cozy, earth-covered homes like these also offer a practical advantage – the soil covering provides excellent insulation, helping to keep the structure warm in winter and cool in the summer. The window and door arches protrude from the sides, so they won’t be covered when the soil is heaped on top.

Each Green Magic Home is made up of individual fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) arches, which are bolted together sort of like sections of a waterslide. These joined segments become different types of watertight rooms/modules, which can in turn be linked together to form various styles of homes – buyers can also mix and match modules as they wish…

The company’s latest module is the Wikiki, a 404-sq ft (37.5-sq m) unit that can serve as a “man cave,” guest cottage, art studio, or pretty much whatever you want. It reportedly takes three people three days to put it together, requiring no special skills or heavy equipment … although it’s not clear if that includes adding the soil and plants, known as a “living roof.”

Underground homes rock – as long as they’re reasonably waterproof. We have a few half-buried designs in our community. Seem to work out just fine.