7 thoughts on “Pic of the day #coloradospringsshooter

  1. Gott mit uns says:

    “Colorado Springs: a playground for pro-life, pro-gun evangelical Christians” http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/nov/28/colorado-springs-a-playground-for-pro-life-pro-gun-evangelical-christians “…Three weeks before Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting, a man was seen brandishing a rifle while walking down the streets of Colorado Springs on Halloween morning. A concerned citizen called the 911 Emergency Line to notify the police, but was told by the operator: “Well, it is an open carry state, so he can have a weapon with him or walking around with it,” referencing state laws that allow the brandishing of a firearm in public. Shortly after the call the man shot and killed three people before being shot dead by police.” See also related content

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