What Obama says about gun law doesn’t matter — Republicans are owned by the Gun Lobby

Never forget Sandy Hook

The modest gun control policy changes announced in a passionate speech by President Obama on Tuesday are not of great substantive importance. But they reveal important truths about the state of American politics. The disproportionate Republican opposition to the president’s minor executive actions on gun control isn’t just about the party’s opposition to any and all efforts to stem the tide of gun violence. Their reflexive opposition also reflects their refusal to cede any legitimate authority to the president.

After all, the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination didn’t even know what executive actions – if any – Barack Obama would take on gun control after his Monday meeting with the attorney general, Loretta Lynch. That didn’t stop them, because they knew that they would oppose whatever actions Obama planned to take.

…They do reflect two major trends in Republican thought: reflexive opposition to taking any measures to stop America’s epidemic of gun violence; and claims that standard presidential actions represent some kind of threat to American constitutional order…

Obama proposed an executive order interpreting the scope of federal background checks more broadly, applying background checks to those who purchase firearms through a trust or corporation and requesting the Departments of Defense, Justice and Homeland Security conduct research into gun safety…

He proposed nothing that isn’t already supported by an overwhelming majority of the American population. It’s almost a shame to describe his actions as “leadership” when the public at large is years ahead of the White House. And we are light-years ahead of the Republican Party, the NRA, the broad range of cowards and cash register opportunists in Congress.

Poisonally, I hope this becomes one of those single-issues that takes on a life of its own in the November elections. Cynical as I often am, I believe this is a cut-and-dried issue for the American public and will guarantee defeat for any politician trembling in a puddle of his own piss — afraid of the NRA.

RTFA for a description of the wimpery mustered by the reactionary gene pool.

3 thoughts on “What Obama says about gun law doesn’t matter — Republicans are owned by the Gun Lobby

  1. Angel 4 Light says:

    Strange facts. All the events where they stage False Flags are in Gun Free Zones. Go figure. I can cry on cue too, a dab of vicks or peppermint will bring tears to your eyes instantly.

    The only terrorism that is done is the war mongers killing innocents all over the world to steal their land and resources. Now they want our guns so that they can line us up for the FEMA Camps.

    Current events that are occurring in the west are Agenda 21. The current events happening in our skies is called eugenics. This is to reduce the population by 90%.

    So if you want to keep your life and property, you had better be ready to stand to defend it. We all need to stand together. Buy a gun if you don’t have one, don’t wait for the SHTF.

    The Fed’s are a gang of thugs that people think are ligit but they are not.

    The United States which is the District of Columbia was Incorporated in 1871 in Delaware. It is a private owned corporation, the owner is the Queen of England and she is the cousin to Hitler.

    These evil beings then Incorporated each State. This was all done to get around the Constitution.

    The BLM and the IRS are private owned corporations registered in Puerto Rico.

    When they assassinated JFK it was a coup d’etat.

    President Truman a 33rd degree Mason bought over the Nazis from WWII called “Project Paperclip”. Their officers started up the CIA which was to control and kill heads of states all over the world. The Nazi scientists started up NASA all with the help of the taxpayers money.

    The Bushes are Nazis and Prescott Bush financed Hitler.

    The Clintons are cousins and like the Bushes are related to the Queen of England.

    JFK wasn’t supposed to win the election but did with the help of his father. He really did try to clean house and pissed everyone off. So his contract was given to the mob.

    All this can be researched but we all must stand together. You can’t unlearn the truth, that is why these evil psychopaths that walk around in suits acting like their gods over us but they’re not.

    The people in DC is who the laws apply to, we are all sovereign beings and still have the inalienable rights which means it cannot be taken from us , you can’t even give it away.

    Be blessed and Happy New Year to Mankind, may we all seek the truth and find it fast before our voices are silenced.

  2. exult49 says:

    Reblogged this on Exult49's Blog and commented:
    Unfortunately I must share the considerations made on the article .
    And this will counts a lot , making a difference on the next presidential elections.
    The gun lobby is the richest and better organized among the U.S.supporters .

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