A young Muslim woman introduces President Obama visiting her mosque

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In her introduction to Obama’s speech, a young Muslim woman, Sabah Muktar, explained why the visit is important to her and other Muslim Americans:

In these uncertain times, some of us might find ourselves doubting where we fit in this society. Personally, this visit by our president is an affirmation to all Muslims; we are just as American as any other. It’s a gesture that invites inclusiveness of all faiths and color. More importantly, it’s an assurance for the Muslim-American kids constantly bombarded by anti-Islamic rhetoric that they belong…

I strongly believe to a lot of Muslims out there, the appearance of our president in our local mosque today does exactly just that. And personally, reassures me that I, a proud black, Muslim African American, am just as American and have the obligation to fulfill my loyalty to my country as any other.

Keep on rocking in the Free World.

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