10 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day

    • PATRIOT says:

      “Trump is no longer hustling golf courses, fake “universities,” or reality TV. He means to command the United States armed forces and control its nuclear codes. He intends to propose legislation, conduct America’s global affairs, preside over its national-intelligence apparatus, and make the innumerable moral and political decisions required of a President. This is not a Seth Rogen movie; this is as real as mud. Having all but swept the early Republican primaries and caucuses, Trump—who re-tweets conspiracy theories and invites the affections of white-supremacist groups, and has established himself as the adept inheritor of a long tradition of nativism, discrimination, and authoritarianism—is getting ever closer to becoming the nominee of what Republicans like to call “the party of Abraham Lincoln.” No American demagogue––not Huey Long, not Joseph McCarthy, not George Wallace––has ever achieved such proximity to national power.” http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/03/14/behind-the-trump-phenomenon

  1. Santayana says:

    ● “Vanity Fair: Trump Kept a Volume of Hitler’s Speeches By His Bedside” http://www.weeklystandard.com/vanity-fair-trump-kept-a-volume-of-hitlers-speeches-by-his-bedside/article/2001343 ● See also http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2015/08/donald-trump-marie-brenner-ivana-divorce ● Full text of Trump’s bedside companion: “Hitler – New World Order (1928).pdf @ https://archive.org/stream/pdfy-0IryYbwVIPGFodSS/Hitler%20-%20New%20World%20Order%20%281928%29_djvu.txt ● Hitler Speeches with accurate English subtitles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnpTWKKWQ1o ● Bob Clampett parody of Hitler speech in the 1944 Warner Brother’s cartoon “Russian Rhapsody”. http://dailyhitler.blogspot.com/2008/09/bob-clampett-hitler.html click to enlarge images from cells. Video link is kaput, go to https://vk.com/video77341240_165527653 – parody of speech begins at .55 See backstory @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Rhapsody_%28film%29#Production ● Hitler rehearsing a speech and his gestures in 1925 http://rarehistoricalphotos.com/hitler-rehearsing-speech-front-mirror-1925/ …meanwhile the atmosphere and level of violence at Trump rallies continues to increase https://www.rawstory.com/2016/03/trump-gives-supporters-permission-to-be-violent-with-protesters-if-you-hurt-them-ill-defend-you-in-court/

  2. Footnote says:

    “In 1922, the New York Times thought Hitler didn’t really believe his own racist rhetoric” http://qz.com/631502/in-1922-the-new-york-times-thought-hitler-didnt-really-believe-his-own-racist-rhetoric/ “In 1922, Adolf Hitler was a rising power in German politics, just having become the leader of the newly founded Nazi party. In its first mention of the future dictator, The New York Times downplayed Hitler’s anti-Semitism, writing that it was merely a tool of propaganda, employed to gain more followers. Several “reliable, well-informed sources” told the Times that Hitler’s anti-Semitism was “not so genuine or violent as it sounded.”

  3. What if..? says:

    “Look Who’s Back” (“Er Ist Wieder Da”), a German dark comedy about Hitler showing up in the present day. http://warisboring.com/articles/look-whos-back-is-a-most-terrifying-comedy/ (includes trailer) “…Oliver Masucci is incredible as Hitler. Most media portray the Fuhrer as either a clown or a super-villain. But Masucci somehow manages to do a slapstick Hitler that’s still ruthless, intelligent … and charismatic. I’ve never before seen a performance of Hitler that made me understand why Germany elected him. He was a gassy little Austrian with a Charlie Chaplin mustache and delusions of grandeur. Masucci makes him menacing.
    …”Look Who’s Back” is especially relevant in our current election cycle. The polis must be weary of demagoguery and vigilant of fascism. So often it comes in ridiculous packages that make us laugh until it hurts.”
    Netflix will premiere “Look Who’s Back” on April 9.

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