Cartoon of the day

The fact remains the cowardice and opportunism of the Republican Party establishment has generated the “surprise” of the Trump phenomenon. This crap follows on logically from Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” to the proto-fascist foundations of the Tea Party.

Any number of progressive activists have predicted this for decades. Step-by-step the Republican Party has inexorably moved in the direction of a Mussolini-like corporatist/fascist party. Reliance on populism, racism, bigotry, sleazy economics, ignorant followers is nothing new. The projections have fallen into place like the small-minded, obedient legos of the Tea Party.

Matching the pace of the Right Wing has been the cowardice of the Democratic Party establishment. They’re challenged, now, by Bernie Sanders. They’re fighting like hell to prevent the grassroots changes he represents.

Americans in general don’t realize there is a liberal wing and a conservative wing on Wall Street. Those are the people who’ve owned the two old parties for decades, centuries. We’re witnessing a critical node when both wings face reformation, revolution, driven by the activists of their base. Or destruction. Neither wants any qualitative change. Not really.

My only question is will the Democrat establishment stand up and fightback on the side of the overwhelming mass of Americans of good will? Or does the prospect of economic democracy frighten them so much they’d rather capitulate?


3 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day

  1. Cassandra says:

    “3 More Reasons to be Terrified of Donald Trump” “While the rest of the political world found itself momentarily distracted Wednesday by the hubbub surrounding a new Supreme Court nominee, Donald Trump spent the day making a series of terrifying pronouncement that, if history is any guide, will have no bearing on his mad dash for the White House.”

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