FDA proposes an end to powdered latex gloves


Most powdered gloves would be banned in the U.S. under an FDA proposal announced Monday.

“While use of these gloves is decreasing, they pose an unreasonable and substantial risk of illness or injury to healthcare providers, patients, and other individuals who are exposed to them, which cannot be corrected through new or updated labeling.”

The FDA explained that the powder on latex gloves (but not synthetic gloves) can become aerosolized and carry allergenic proteins. These contribute to airway allergic reactions, surgical adhesions, and wound inflammation.

Such a ban would not create a shortage and the economic impact would be insignificant, the FDA determined after reviewing the scientific literature and analyzing comments on a 2011 notice indicating the agency’s concerns.

The ban would not apply to powdered radiographic protection gloves, and unpowdered gloves of all kinds would remain unaffected.

Wow. Such dynamism. Only took the FDA 5 years to do this, eh?

No bail for Bundy – judge considers him untrustworthy

Nevada rancher and anti-authority figure Cliven Bundy lost a renewed bid Thursday for release from jail ahead of trial on federal conspiracy and assault charges stemming from an armed standoff against government agents two years ago.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Carl Hoffman pointed to the violence alleged in an indictment accusing Bundy of inciting the impasse to stop a roundup of cattle from public land near his ranch in April 2014, and to a history of Bundy ignoring federal court orders.

“You say you’ll continue to do ‘whatever it takes,'” Hoffman said in a Las Vegas courtroom where some Bundy backers wore brown T-shirts emblazoned with the three-word slogan.

I do not believe, Mr. Bundy, that you will comply with my court orders any more than you have complied with previous court orders,” the judge said.

Bundy and four of his adult sons are among 19 people now facing federal charges that could put them in prison for the standoff for the rest of their lives…

Bundy’s defense lawyer, Joel Hansen, said his client simply won’t acknowledge that federal law applies. That consistent denial led Bundy last week to decline to enter a plea to charges including conspiracy, assault on a federal officer, threatening a federal officer, obstruction and firearms offenses. Hoffman entered a not-guilty plea at that time on Bundy’s behalf…

Several people who face charges with Bundy in the Nevada standoff also have been charged in the occupation of an Oregon nature preserve that aimed to oppose federal land restrictions. A judge on Wednesday prohibited U.S. marshals from transferring Cliven Bundy’s sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy and others to Nevada for court hearings.

It’s only been about 150 years since this was all sorted out. Part of the federalism of living in a democratic republic. Nutballs challenge it every now and then – and lose. Most of the time they don’t carry guns into the discussion.