The Daily Show did what Donald Trump asked — it found he was lying about his meat and more

Phony products

A week ago, Donald Trump won primaries in Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii, and then proceeded to give perhaps the strangest victory speech in the history of American presidential races. Trump had assembled a pile of meat, wines, a pyramid of bottled water, and one magazine to make a point that he is a successful businessman.

You see, 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had said that Trump was really bad at running companies and was good at running them into the ground, and mentioned things like Trump’s steak company and magazine as failures. Not content to let this go and walk away with his delegates, Trump assembled these things — the meat, the water, a magazine — onstage at a Republican primary victory speech to show that he’s good at running businesses.

You just have to go check the records, folks,” Trump said, specifically referring to Trump Wine. “In fact, the press. I’m asking you, please check.”

So the team at The Daily Show did. And they found out he was lying and telling half-truths about many of the products on stage:

“Trump Steaks” do not currently exist, and you can’t buy one for $50 (which Trump mentions in his speech). Trump Steaks were actually sold by Sharper Image, whose CEO at the time said that virtually none of the Trump Steaks sold.

“Trump Wine” is not affiliated with Donald Trump, who said he owned it without a debt or a mortgage to pay. On the Trump Winery website, it says clearly that it is not owned or affiliated with Donald Trump.

“Trump Magazine” went out of circulation in 2009 and published 10 issues. But Trump referred to a magazine called the Jewel of Palm Beach in his speech and called that his magazine. It’s the magazine that is supplied in his hotels, and he is not the publisher.

“Trump Water” is generic bottled water that “he slapped his name on.”

All that meat, that pyramid of water, the bottles of wine, and that lonely magazine that Trump brought onstage to prove that he’s a great businessman were all just bunk. And he had the audacity to ask the press to call him on his lies.

Lots of politicians lie. Trump lies all the time. Because he learned to be cunning while wasting his daddy’s money through several bankruptcies – doesn’t mean he’s smart. It doesn’t require lots of smarts to comprehend how gullible Americans can be. The history of phonies elected and re-elected – from Nixon to George W – proves that. The history of religious hustlers from radio days to palatial megachurches proves that.

The producers who put him on so-called reality TV – the cheapest serial programs in the history of the medium – proved that. And the obedient consumers of crap TV now line up for the ultimate crap politician.

One thought on “The Daily Show did what Donald Trump asked — it found he was lying about his meat and more

  1. Martyn Wilson says:

    To be fair (against my better judgement) to Donald Trump, the statement on the Trump Winery website is disingenuous. Eric Trump, the founder, is Donald’s son, and is executive vice-president, in charge of development and acquisitions, for The Trump Organisation. To suggest that the Winery has no connection with Donald Trump is being somewhat economical with the truth.

    Not that that alters the essential truth of The Daily Show’s piece: that Donald Trump is fundamentally dishonest.

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