Marijuana trade employs more than 100,000 – in a fraction of the country

As the calendar turns to 4/20 — the unofficial holiday for marijuana — it’s not just weed enthusiasts who are celebrating. The number of jobs in the pot industry has surged in recent years, fueled by more states legalizing the drug. In fact, there are about as many employees of legal weed businesses as there are insurance underwriters, Web developers or nurse practitioners, according to Marijuana Business Daily. Cannabis is legal for adult recreational use in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia, and it’s available for medical purposes in 24 states.

Honest jobs, bringing more employment than coal mines, less political pollution than Republican hot air or Tea Party hate speech. If the Two Old Parties – or even one of them – ever joins the 21st Century, we might have a faster growing economy. Certainly mellower. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Marijuana trade employs more than 100,000 – in a fraction of the country

  1. moss says:

    Even if the chuckleheads in the Roundhouse get a bill out of committee – and pass it through the NM Legislature. Ain’t anything about to happen until Republican governor Susana ends her useless reign. She would veto the existing medical marijuana protocols if she could – just because they were passed by a Democrat governor.

    Cripes. We have one RR station for the Roadrunner line that was held up opening by a NIMBY lawsuit. The suit was resolved 2-3 years ago, but, she still hasn’t allowed the station to open because a Democrat governor built the railroad.

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