Oceans’ oxygen starting to run low

Climate change is doing more than warming the world’s oceans. It’s also making it harder for marine life to breathe.

Curtis Deutsch, associate professor at the University of Washington’s School of Oceanography, studies how increasing global temperatures are altering the levels of dissolved oxygen in the world’s oceans…

Deutsch’s latest research is untangling how much oxygen loss is linked to climate change and how much is due to normal variation in oxygen levels…

Using an earth system modeling approach, Deutsch and scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Georgia Institute of Technology mapped out changing oxygen levels across the world’s oceans through the end of the 21st century.

Click to enlargeMatthew Long/NCAR

They found that it was possible to distinguish the impact of global warming from other sources of oxygen loss. As soon as 2030 to 2040, climate-driven declines in oxygen levels will be detectable in oceans all over the globe. In some places, like the southern Indian Ocean and parts of the eastern tropical Pacific and Atlantic basins, evidence of climate-linked deoxygenation is already apparent, while other regions won’t see changes by 2100.

RTFA for all the gory details. It’s serious science, eligible for peer review; so, the politicians, know-nothings and 19th Century fools who inhabit the corner bar on pay day won’t be reading it.

OTOH, you’re in good company with the intellectually curious, folks who understand what scientific advances mean to the progress of humankind – and activists interested in saving the whole planet, not just golf courses named after New York realtors.

Yes, I’m extra grumpy, tonight.

2 thoughts on “Oceans’ oxygen starting to run low

  1. moss says:

    I had a friend who said “everyone is a spontaneous materialist” day by day, hour by hour. We live every conscious moment without worrying about a bush bursting into flame and talking to us or a savant reversing gravity and leading the devout into the clouds above. We all would consider someone who actually acted that way to be someone who needs institutional care.

    But, some opportunist politicians, some pimp for a coal and oil company blathers about scientists being on a conspiratorial mission to raise taxes gets the attention of otherwise competent human beings. There must be something wrong in the education and upbringing of their whole pitiful lives to accept contradictions like that as worth believing.

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