Democrat gun control sit-in became a social media sensation – a Republican FAIL

A blackout of television cameras in the U.S. House Representatives during the Democrats’ gun control sit-in may have spurred public interest in the protest as it forced the demonstrators to use social media to broadcast their message.

Democrats leapt on Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope after the cameras, controlled by the House, went dark Wednesday when presiding House officer and Republican Representative Ted Poe declared the chamber not in order during the protest.

As Democrats took to alternative forms of video broadcasting, their message gained tremendous momentum from social media. On Twitter, the hashtags #NoBillNoBreak and #HoldTheFloor have been tweeted at least 1.4 million times.

Of the roughly 20 members of Congress who remained at the sit-in overnight, 19 of them used Facebook Live for a total combined viewership of 3 million.

❝ “It really connected with people out there,” Congressman Scott Peters told Reuters.This whole phenomenon with [live video] struck a nerve.”

Peters used the application Periscope, which is connected to the social media platform Twitter, to send out video.

“Without that, think about it, it would have been a caucus meeting where we talk to ourselves,” he added…

Even C-SPAN, which typically broadcasts footage recorded by the House cameras, picked up live video from four different members of Congress roughly two hours after the House cameras shut down, according to communications director Howard Mortman. It marked the first time the channel broadcast a live social media feed from the House floor.

All this in violation of rules designed by anachronistic fools for stodgy politicians.

What can we look forward to? Sooner or later, something approaching an equivalent of the Arab Spring – without ordinary citizens being shot down in the streets by coppers obeying criminals holding government office.

Oh, BTW – over the timespan of the sit-in, 88 people were shot in the United States.

Here’s the first solar-powered plane to cross the Atlantic

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Taking a selfie en route

After a flight time of 71 hours and 8 minutes, Solar Impulse 2, piloted by Bertrand Piccard, became the first solar powered airplane to successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean. The plane took off from New York and landed in Seville, Spain.

The flight across the Atlantic was much shorter than last year’s epic 117 hour trip that pilot André Borschberg made last year across the Pacific in Solar Impulse 2. Borschberg and Piccard have been alternating piloting duties throughout the course of the round-the-world journey, which started last year in Abu Dhabi.

The mission of the flight is to prove that zero-emission technologies like solar power are a viable alternative to current fossil fuels…

The plane likely has about two more legs to go before their journey is over–from Spain to Northern Africa, and then, at long last, back to Abu Dhabi.

Bravo! Like all early adventures in new technology it’s a small start and a long fulfilling journey.

Woman sues Border Coppers for invasive cavity search finding no drugs and no reason for the search

A new lawsuit filed by an American woman alleges that she was subjected to an unconstitutional search by border agents and then an extensive cavity search by a male doctor acting on their orders.

The civil complaint, which was filed last week in federal court in Tucson and seeks unspecified damages, targets the government, Customs and Border Protection, the CBP agent, and the doctor who searched her, among others.

The court filing describes 18-year-old Ashley Cervantes’ harrowing experience over the course of seven hours in October 2014. She had just returned from Nogales, Sonora (Mexico) back into Nogales, Arizona—she had come back from eating breakfast at one of her favorite spots.

According to the complaint, after presenting her identity documents, an unidentified CBP agent accused Cervantes of possessing illegal drugs, which she denied. She was ordered to proceed to a detention room, where she was handcuffed to a chair. There, she was sniffed by a dog (in violation of CBP policy) and was taken to another room where she was ordered to squat so that female officers could visually inspect her.

Unsatisfied that they had not found the drugs, the agents escalated their search. CBP Agent Shameka Leggett then filled out an Immigration Health Services’ form, known as a Treatment Authorization Request, describing Cervantes as being “diagnosed” as an apparent “potential internal carrier of foreign substance.” The agent recommended that she be X-rayed at a hospital.

Cervantes was then transported in custody from the border to Holy Cross Hospital…

The Holy Cross records from Ashley’s time at the facility include a number of factual inaccuracies, including inaccurately setting out that Ashley was accompanied by her mother and arrived in a private vehicle. In reality, Ashley was transported in a CBP vehicle. Her handcuffs were not removed until she changed into a hospital gown for the alleged purpose of undergoing an X-Ray.

Ashley was never X-rayed, despite that being the only “course of treatment” authorized by the TAR.

The complaint goes on to describe how Dr. Martinez “forcefully and digitally probed her vagina and anus.”

Ashley had never before been to a gynecologist and, for the remainder of her life, will always remember that her first pelvic and rectal exams were under the most inhumane circumstances imaginable to a U.S. citizen at a hospital on U.S. soil.

Scumbags working for scumbag coppers ain’t any different. They deserve the same penalties. They require the same oversight. They should be challenged by the professional bodies overseeing their professions.