Republican draft platform claims Pr0n is a public health crisis

Republican sex

Want another sign that the Republican Party is, shall we say, a bit out of touch with much of America? Look no further than the Republican party’s latest platform draft. Among the provisions? A declaration that porn is a “public health crisis.”

If that language sounds familiar to you, it’s likely because you’re remembering a Utah resolution that was signed this past spring. Like the GOP’s party platform, it also wrung its hands over the supposed evils of the adult industry, blaming it for an assorted grab bag of sexual woes — Teen sexting! Campus sexual assault! Unhappy marriages! And so on! — and rallying the masses for a culture war.

As the RNC platform draft indicates, the national Republicans are only too happy to amplify the idea that, even if it’s technically protected as free speech, porn should be derided as something destroying our hearts, minds, and genitals. Except there’s just one problem: whatever issues porn might be to blame for, they’re just one small part of our national crisis of sex education — a crisis the Republicans are largely responsible for

…To the extent that porn is harmful, it’s often because it’s the only source of sexual information and education that many people tend to get. Yes, it might be a terrible idea to get basic sex education from titles like Jizz Biz and Bound Teens. If we, as a nation, were more comfortable teaching kids about the basics of sex (and maybe offering some lessons on media literacy, to boot), we wouldn’t have to worry so much about the crazy ideas that kids are getting from PornHub.

But you’re unlikely to hear that harsh bit of truth from groups like Concerned Women for America, which helped to pen the anti-porn language, because the very people who fret over what porn is doing to our children are also determined to keep honest, comprehensive sex education away from them. That “public health crisis” they’re lamenting? They created it, lighting a massive bonfire in celebration of sexual ignorance — and then, when it all got out of hand, placing the blame on pornographers…

Any excuse for censorship is good enough for the Republican Party. Using religious morality as their watchword – as ever – the GOP will lump 19th Century fear of nekkid people in with the normal range of sexuality and sexual orientation humans are capable of. As they do – further on into their so-called platform. They bring in discredited theological brainwashing courses as a “response” to civil rights for the broad LGBT community.

And they’re gathering in Cleveland to nominate Donald Trump as their candidate for president. Har.

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