Hey, kids! Here’s the trick to drawing Donald Trump

The hair may be apparent, but it’s the mouth that scored.

Cartoonists have had many months to hone their caricatures of Donald Trump as politician. And the pictorial evolution — like some time-lapse Dawn of Man animation — has been fascinating.

Trump, of course, has long been easy to caricature broadly. Beneath the strutting rooster’s comb-over coif — which ranges from Earl Grey silver to root-vegetable orange depending on the day — there was always the outsized personality that lent itself to ready rendering.

Yet a funny thing happened on the way to the political forum: In numerous cartoons, Trump’s mouth has eclipsed his hair as the true defining feature, and the distinguishing characteristic that makes a Trump caricature one’s own.

RTFA – not only for interpretations of the creep we’ve all learned to despise – since most simply ignore reality TV cretins as habit – but, for the addition of a global view.

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