Detainee used as a lab rat for CIA torture experiments coming up for a hearing on release from Gitmo

The whole world is watching

A man the CIA used as a guinea pig for its post-9/11 torture program will plead his case for freedom from Guantanámo Bay later this month…in perhaps the hardest challenge to date for Barack Obama’s intentions to empty the infamous detention center.

Zayn al-Ibidin Muhammed Husayn, better known as Abu Zubaydah, is one of three men the CIA acknowledged that it waterboarded, a process simulating drowning, at an unacknowledged prison in Thailand. At some point during his 14-year captivity by the US, he lost the use of his left eye.

The 23 August hearing, Guantánamo’s equivalent of a parole board, will present the first time Abu Zubaydah will have an opportunity to speak about his captivity – an opportunity that contradicts the CIA’s preferences. The CIA, per a landmark 2014 Senate investigation, has contended that he ought to be held incommunicado until he dies.

Yup. Why allow someone we tortured to testify about that torture – when we deny torturing anyone?

❝ “We anticipate our client will make a statement” at the hearing, said Zubaydah’s attorney, Joseph Margulies.

Abu Zubaydah presents the hardest test thus far for the Obama administration’s last-ditch attempt at vacating the Guantánamo detention facility through the quasi-parole process. While the much-tortured Abu Zubaydah may or may not be too dangerous to release – the criterion that a multi-agency Guantánamo tribunal known as a Periodic Review Board (PRB) will evaluate later this month – he knows a vast amount about CIA torture, which makes his ultimate release doubtful…

RTFA if you care to learn what our government did in the name of freedom.

…The CIA represented [his torture] to the Bush administration and Congress as a success, and subsequently tortured at least 118 others…

Karen Greenberg, director of Fordham Law School’s Center on National Security, said the decision to permit Abu Zubaydah a hearing represented a boldness by the White House in its internal and congressional battles over closing Guantánamo.

“Abu Zubaydah is at the heart of everything that keeps Gitmo from closing: the issue of torture,” Greenberg said.

Most Congressional Republicans and many conservative Democrats have no problem with the United States torturing people. You know that. I know that. We share the same contempt for the excuses they lap up from CIA torturers and executioners.

The Senate finally voted to outlaw torture, last year.

One thought on “Detainee used as a lab rat for CIA torture experiments coming up for a hearing on release from Gitmo

  1. Flesh&Blood says:

    Moazzam Begg, a British national who was forcibly abducted in 2002 and taken to Guantanamo Bay, has filmed a meeting with his former prison guard, some 14 years after he was first jailed.
    The two men met by chance in London while Begg, who now works for Cage, a UK-based advocacy group working with people impacted by the ‘War on Terror’, was promoting his recent film talking about his capture and subsequent confession he was forced to make under duress.
    Begg was freed in 2005, but when he bumped into Guantanamo guard Albert Melise, he invited him to his home. The two men have since promoted Begg’s film “The Confession” together.
    In a clip, filmed earlier this month, the men discuss how they first met under very difficult circumstances with Begg hooded, shackled and thrown into the “worst of the worst place”.
    Begg also explains he managed to find solace in the most unexpected of friends, his guard.
    “The Confession” review and trailer @ Begg was never convicted of any criminal, let alone a terrorist, act. President George W. Bush released Begg from Guantanamo without charge in January 2005.

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