Cartoon: Yup, all our presidents should jog

Yup, I remember the arguments about health and fitness conservatives added to all the other reasons they hated FDR. Not as severe as their hatred of him for selling out their class.

Then, they worked just as hard after his death to pass that wonderful reform called “term limits” – which is about as undemocratic as any law the American people have been sold.

In other words, if you’re still popular with the majority of voters after two terms in office, we don’t dare let you run again. Don’t let us have a chance to re-elect you, again – as we did FDR.

One thought on “Cartoon: Yup, all our presidents should jog

  1. Footnote says:

    The FDR Presidential Library & Museum has announced the discovery of previously unseen footage from 1935 that shows Roosevelt walking during the 1935 White House Easter Egg Roll. “The silent 16mm film was taken by a Nevada rancher named Frederick Hill, who attended the Egg Roll with his wife, Marjorie and their two children. The Hills were among 51,391 guests who traipsed across the White House lawn that year, and Geoffrey C. Ward, a Roosevelt historian and trustee of the FDR Presidential Library and Museum, writes that Secret Service agents likely did not notice Hill filming as FDR walked across the South Portico to address the crowd; if they had, they would have removed the film from Hill’s camera.”
    Video @ FDR first appears on the South Portico of the White House at 1:40

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