Another stodgy conservative newspaper just endorsed Hillary Clinton — their first Dem since Woodrow Wilson in 1916

The last Democrat endorsed by the Cincinnati ENQUIRER

❝ The last time the Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed a Democrat for president, the paper picked Woodrow Wilson as its choice in the 1916 presidential election. It’s been a long time.

Now Donald Trump has broken the streak. The Enquirer is joining other very conservative editorial pages in endorsing Hillary Clinton, calling Trump “a clear and present danger to our country.”

❝ While other typically conservative editorial boards have made clear that they’re holding their noses in endorsing Clinton as the only realistic alternative to Trump, the Enquirer’s endorsement is slightly more positive, describing her as a clearheaded pragmatist who can build coalitions and govern effectively. The board’s views on Trump are scathing:

Trump brands himself as an outsider untainted by special interests, but we see a man utterly corrupted by self-interest. His narcissistic bid for the presidency is more about making himself great than America. Trump tears our country and many of its people down with his words so that he can build himself up. What else are we left to believe about a man who tells the American public that he alone can fix what ails us?

❝ Even more surprising than the Enquirer breaking its streak, though, is that it actually might make a difference. Research has found that when newspapers break with tradition, readers take it seriously. And unlike the other two solidly Republican newspapers that have refused to endorse Trump so far — the Dallas Morning News and the New Hampshire Union Leader — the Enquirer is in a swing state.

❝ …Unusual endorsements like this might matter precisely because it’s not what readers expected to hear. Newspaper endorsements change the most minds when they break with the usual pattern to endorse a candidate of the other party.

So far, not a single major daily newspaper has endorsed Trump – and that’s especially important in conservative bailiwicks. Newspapers have a tough enough time staying alive in the age of digital media. Conservative newspapers stay alive only because of support from conservative readers.

That means my average peer – some old fart in East Overshoe, Ohio – still cares enough for old media and old-fashioned means of acquiring news to read and relate to a conservative newspaper like the Enquirer. He or she is also more likely to regard that editorial opinion as something of value.

9 thoughts on “Another stodgy conservative newspaper just endorsed Hillary Clinton — their first Dem since Woodrow Wilson in 1916

  1. List of X says:

    And let’s not forget, by asking readers to vote for Clinton, these newspapers are hurting their bottom line, because, as they surely realize, president Trump would sell more papers than president Clinton.

  2. Colonel McCosmic says:

    Oh yeah, big whoop …and when was the last time you bought a newspaper, Bunkie?
    A recent Pew Research Center survey found that only 36% of U.S. adults learned something about the election in the past week from a print newspaper. This was lower than the portion that learned from radio (44%), digital sources (65%) or television sources (78%). We also recently found that the portion of adults who often get news from print newspapers (20%) falls behind those who learned from radio (25%), news websites and apps (28%) and all forms of television.

    • Rev. Ufford says:

      “Donald Trump is making conservative newspapers do things they never thought they would do”
      “The Arizona Republic joins a growing list of newspapers with right-leaning editorial boards that are breaking with tradition and rejecting Trump. The Cincinnati Enquirer, noting it “has supported Republicans for president for almost a century,” endorsed Clinton on Friday. The Dallas Morning News backed Clinton earlier in the month, even though it “has not recommended a Democrat for the nation’s highest office since before World War II.” And the Houston Chronicle endorsed Clinton in July, marking just the second time in 13 elections that it has supported a Democrat.”
      Trump has not yet picked up the general-election endorsement of a single daily newspaper, although it is still early. Three other right-leaning papers — the Union Leader of Manchester, N.H., the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal and the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch — have backed Libertarian Gary Johnson.

  3. H. Nibley says:

    “In our opinion: Donald Trump should resign his candidacy” Deseret News editorial
    Oct. 8, 2016 “For 80 years, the Deseret News has not entered into the troubled waters of presidential endorsement. We are neutral on matters of partisan politics. We do, however, feel a duty to speak clearly on issues that affect the well-being and morals of the nation.
    Accordingly, today we call on Donald Trump to step down from his pursuit of the American presidency. …The belief that the party and the platform matter more than the character of the candidate ignores the wisdom of the ages that, “when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” (Proverbs 29:2)” The Deseret News is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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