Don’t underestimate Cosmo!

❝ The day after Hillary Clinton landed a devastating blow to Donald Trump over his history of sexism and crass comments about Alicia Machado at the first presidential debate, Cosmopolitan released an eerily well-timed profile of the former Miss Universe contestant.

It’s a slice of a new brand of feminist media afloat — one that’s not afraid to be political. Hillary Clinton has noticed.

❝ There has been a tangible shift in the kind of content produced by women’s magazines in recent elections. In the past decade, publications have shifted from a period of fluff election coverage in the early aughts to a platform for impactful political content, from interviews with important figures in the election to sharp policy analyses…

But women’s media often faces the obstacle of not being taken seriously in the political landscape — yes, even in an election that saw presidential candidates arguing about the size of their penises…

❝ Cosmopolitan’s Prachi Gupta has had a triad of striking interviews in recent weeks, including an interview with Ivanka Trump on parental leave, which ended abruptly after Gupta pressed Ivanka on some holes in her proposed policy and resulted in Ivanka’s worst news cycle of the whole campaign. Cosmo also published an interview with Chelsea Clinton about Trump’s attacks on Bill Clinton’s infidelity and Hillary Clinton’s health and a profile of Alicia Machado.

President Barack Obama penned an op-ed about his feminism in Glamour in August:

Michelle and I have raised our daughters to speak up when they see a double standard. … It’s important for them to see role models out in the world who climb to the highest levels of whatever field they choose. And yes, it’s important that their dad is a feminist, because now that’s what they expect of all men.

Marie Claire published an in-depth story about the intersection between women voters and the gun debate, a traditionally male-dominated subject, partnering with the Harvard Injury Control Research Center and surveying more than 5,000 women on what they think about gun laws.

❝ Some of these pieces reached an audience in the political press. But a lot of them didn’t. And nearly all of these interviews or pieces might be considered huge scoops in more mainstream publications…

❝ …In 2014, Cosmopolitan magazine made a big statement: It was not only going to cover midterm elections and delve into politics with #CosmoVotes — its politics vertical — it was also only going to endorse pro-choice candidates…

The shift with Cosmopolitan, and with this growing spate of young feminist magazines, cuts through the fluff of the early aughts — what Aarons-Mele calls a “dead zone” for serious content in women’s publications — and allows for impactful political journalism with a pro-woman angle…

❝ In an election where the Republican candidate has a long history of showing disrespect to women, it’s even harder for women’s magazines to sit on their hands. For Republican women, some of whom may not agree with women’s magazines’ more liberal-leaning policy issues like abortion rights, there’s a relatable message of empowerment…

RTFA. There’s more depth – and breadth – than I’ve indicated in this precis. Overall, I’d say the picture is progressive and successful. Sure, independent thought will come up Left or Right – or cautious. The view of class conflict is different to begin with.

Point is – there’s more happening than generalized media is recognizing and talking about.

Alabama’s leading ignoranus politician kicked out of office once again

❝ Alabama’s top judge has been suspended for the remainder of his term for defying federal court rulings that legalised same-sex marriage.

Roy Moore, 69, violated judicial ethics with an order seen as directing probate judges to deny marriage licences to gay couples, a judicial panel ruled…

…His lawyer has vowed to appeal.

❝ It is the second suspension for Mr Moore, an outspoken conservative.

In 2003, he was removed for refusing to take down a monument of the Ten Commandments he installed at a state building.

He was re-elected as chief justice of the state’s Supreme Court in 2012.

Did you think Alabama voters were any brighter than Moore?

❝ In Friday’s decision, the nine-member Alabama Court of the Judiciary unanimously decided to suspend him for the remainder of his term without pay.

The move essentially removes Mr Moore from the bench, as he will be unable to seek re-election at the end of his term, in January 2019…

❝ His suspension was celebrated by the civil rights group that filed the complaints in 2003 and 2016.

“Moore was elected to be a judge, not a preacher,” Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, said in a statement.

“The people of Alabama who cherish the rule of law are not going to miss the Ayatollah of Alabama.”

Roy Moore has had a legal and political career consistent with “values” backwards enough to fit any representative of the Confederate States. His bigotry is pretty much without boundary, inclusive of race, religion, gender, age and who you have sex with.

Alabama voters not only continued to waste their votes on placing this fossil back in positions of power, they never shirked on spending taxpayer dollars to defend his crimes against the Constitution.

Is there anything about taxes that Trump doesn’t lie about?

Click to enlargediscovered by Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo

An adviser to Donald Trump on Tuesday offered a new explanation for why a portrait of Trump — paid for by the Republican nominee’s charitable foundation — wound up on display at a Trump-owned golf resort in Florida.

Trump, the adviser said, was actually doing his charity a favor, by “storing” its painting on the wall of a bar at Trump National Doral, outside Miami…

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson pressed Boris Epshteyn. Was he really talking about the $10,000 portrait that was recently discovered — by an Univision journalist — at the Champions Bar and Grill? “You’re telling me that that is storage, for Mr. Trump?” Jackson.

“Right, of course, he’s doing a good thing for his foundation,” Epshteyn said.

That appeared to be the first time that anyone connected to Trump has explained the rationale behind the placement of the portrait, which was discovered by Univision’s Enrique Acevedo last week.

Trump bought the painting at a charity auction in 2014, with a winning bid of $10,000. Later, he paid with a check from the Donald J. Trump Foundation — a small charity, whose tax records show no personal donations from Trump himself since 2008.

By law, tax experts said, the portrait then belonged to the Trump Foundation, and Trump was required to find a charitable use for it. If he did not, Trump risked violating laws against “self-dealing,” which prohibit leaders of nonprofit groups from using their charities’ money to buy things for themselves or their businesses.

Tax experts were not impressed by this reasoning.

“It’s hard to make an IRS auditor laugh,” Brett Kappel, a lawyer who advises nonprofit groups at the Akerman firm, said in an email. “But this would do it.”

I’m confounded by Trumpkins who say they’re looking for a champion to fight against government lies and corruption – and they choose one of the most corrupt pigs slopping at the corporate real estate trough in the whole nation.