Is there anything about taxes that Trump doesn’t lie about?

Click to enlargediscovered by Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo

An adviser to Donald Trump on Tuesday offered a new explanation for why a portrait of Trump — paid for by the Republican nominee’s charitable foundation — wound up on display at a Trump-owned golf resort in Florida.

Trump, the adviser said, was actually doing his charity a favor, by “storing” its painting on the wall of a bar at Trump National Doral, outside Miami…

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson pressed Boris Epshteyn. Was he really talking about the $10,000 portrait that was recently discovered — by an Univision journalist — at the Champions Bar and Grill? “You’re telling me that that is storage, for Mr. Trump?” Jackson.

“Right, of course, he’s doing a good thing for his foundation,” Epshteyn said.

That appeared to be the first time that anyone connected to Trump has explained the rationale behind the placement of the portrait, which was discovered by Univision’s Enrique Acevedo last week.

Trump bought the painting at a charity auction in 2014, with a winning bid of $10,000. Later, he paid with a check from the Donald J. Trump Foundation — a small charity, whose tax records show no personal donations from Trump himself since 2008.

By law, tax experts said, the portrait then belonged to the Trump Foundation, and Trump was required to find a charitable use for it. If he did not, Trump risked violating laws against “self-dealing,” which prohibit leaders of nonprofit groups from using their charities’ money to buy things for themselves or their businesses.

Tax experts were not impressed by this reasoning.

“It’s hard to make an IRS auditor laugh,” Brett Kappel, a lawyer who advises nonprofit groups at the Akerman firm, said in an email. “But this would do it.”

I’m confounded by Trumpkins who say they’re looking for a champion to fight against government lies and corruption – and they choose one of the most corrupt pigs slopping at the corporate real estate trough in the whole nation.

12 thoughts on “Is there anything about taxes that Trump doesn’t lie about?

  1. 3cardMonte says:

    “Donald Trump and his allies scrambled Sunday to contain the fallout from a stunning New York Times story that suggested the Republican presidential nominee may have avoided paying federal taxes for years, arguing that it proves Trump is best qualified to fix the tax system.
    “There’s no one who has shown more genius in their way to maneuver around the tax code and rightfully use the laws to do that,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said on Fox News Sunday. ” And he’s already promised in his tax plan to change many of these special interest loopholes and get rid of them, so you don’t have this kind of situation.”
    Trump himself, in a tweet Sunday morning, said “I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them.”

  2. News item says:

    (10/3/16) “Trump Foundation ordered to stop fundraising by NY attorney general’s office”
    Meanwhile: Donald Trump’s real estate organization rented New York office space from 1998 to 2003 to an Iranian bank that U.S. authorities have linked to terrorist groups and Iran’s nuclear program. The U.S. treasury department deemed the bank under the control of the Iranian government in 1999, at a time when the U.S. had a strict trade embargo prohibiting business with the Iranian government.

  3. Chump change says:

    “Trump’s Other Tax Ploy: Whatever tax savings the candidate has managed to finagle over the years are dwarfed by what the richest Americans can look forward to if he wins.” (New Yorker 10/17/16) “…Put simply, white working-class voters are willing to tolerate a handout to the rich in exchange for the rest of Trump’s ideological agenda, while the Republican establishment is willing to elect an ethno-nationalist populist in exchange for tax cuts. The fact that more than eighty per cent of registered Republicans now say they’ll vote for Trump demonstrates that, as long as a candidate can be counted on to bring taxes down, traditional Republicans will overlook any number of heresies and offensive statements. Coming out against free trade and open borders, defending entitlements, attacking veterans, cozying up to foreign autocrats, indulging in openly racist and xenophobic rhetoric: none of these things have hurt Trump with the vast majority of Republican voters and politicians. If he had wavered on tax cuts, it would have been a very different story. Trump may be the most politically incorrect man in America, but even he knows that there are some taboos you can’t violate.”

  4. Law&Order says:

    A federal appeals court in New York will hear arguments today in a closely watched lawsuit about President Donald Trump’s taxes and whether they’ll be turned over to state prosecutors.
    After New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance subpoenaed the President’s tax returns this summer, Trump’s lawyers went to federal court to stop him. A judge dismissed that lawsuit earlier this month, but Trump’s lawyers swiftly filed an appeal and want the lawsuit revived.
    A three-judge panel from the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in downtown Manhattan will hear oral arguments this morning.

  5. Max Q says:

    “Meet the Shadowy Accountants Who Do Trump’s Taxes and Help Him Seem Richer Than He Is : The Supreme Court fight over Donald Trump’s tax returns has pushed his accounting firm into the limelight. In various episodes over 30 years, partners — including the CEO — have run into trouble for fraud, misconduct or malpractice.” (ProPublica 5/6/20)
    “On May 12, after a six-week delay caused by the pandemic, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the epic battle by congressional committees and New York prosecutors to pry loose eight years of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.
    Much about the case is without precedent. Oral arguments will be publicly broadcast on live audio. The nine justices and opposing lawyers will debate the issues remotely, from their offices and homes. And the central question is extraordinary: Is the president of the United States immune from congressional — and even criminal — investigation?”

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in the hospital with a gallbladder condition. She has undergone a successful procedure and will participate in oral arguments tomorrow morning from her hospital room.

  6. Update says:

    (8/20/20): “A federal appeals court on Friday refused to immediately block a judge’s decision requiring the disclosure of President Donald Trump’s tax returns to a Manhattan prosecutor.
    On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero rejected the president’s latest efforts to block a grand jury subpoena for his tax returns – a major loss for Trump, who has dismissed the investigation as a political “witch hunt” and has fought all the way to the Supreme Court to keep his financial records private.” (USA Today)
    (8/21/20): “Appeals court sets September 1 hearing on deadline for Trump’s financial records subpoena” (CNN)

    Robert Crumb (2017)

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