Wall-E changed his name to MUTT, he is in the Marines, and he is packing a .50 cal machine gun

Click to enlargeLance Cpl Julien Rodarte

The Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT) is the Marines’ new best friend and it speaks fluent Ma Deuce. Moreover, it has a buddy with a Mini-Gun.

Developed by General Dynamics Land Systems, the MUTT is lightweight for a vehicle, weighing in at just 750-pounds. It is amphibious. It can use either tracks or low-pressure wheels to get through surf, sand and swamp. It can be loaded aboard most Marine aviation assets such as the MV-22 Osprey.

And best yet, it can carry up to 600-pounds of gear so Marines don’t have to, making it the 21st Century pack mule of a rifle squad. Plus, the MUTT can transpo large crew-served weapons such as the M2HB it is shown with. Currently being fielded by the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory is testing the MUTT’s use in the July RIMPAC exercise…

As noted in the article, no word on whether or not the Dallas PD has any on order. Yet.

One thought on “Wall-E changed his name to MUTT, he is in the Marines, and he is packing a .50 cal machine gun

  1. Daneel Olivaw says:

    “After unveiling it at the Singapore Airshow back in February, Milrem { http://milrem.ee/en/about_us } and ST Kenetics (Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd) have conducted the first live fire tests of their weaponized unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), the THeMIS ADDER. Armed with a heavy machine gun, the UGV reportedly aced the tests, paving the way for robots that may eventually be able to support or even replace ground troops on the battlefield.” http://newatlas.com/themis-adder-weaponized-ugv-live-tests/46749/ Includes video
    See also ST Kinetics’ Terrex 2 https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/story/military/tech/2016/01/04/inside-amphibious-vehicles-won-marines-225m-contracts/77380728/

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