Attention Shoppers: Nuclear power plant for sale cheap$ (needs work)

Click to enlargeTVA

❝ After spending more than 40 years and $5 billion on an unfinished nuclear power plant in northeastern Alabama, the nation’s largest federal utility is preparing to sell the property at a fraction of its cost.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has set a minimum bid of $36.4 million for its Bellefonte Nuclear Plant and the 1,600 surrounding acres of waterfront property on the Tennessee River. The buyer gets two unfinished nuclear reactors, transmission lines, office and warehouse buildings, eight miles of roads, a 1,000-space parking lot and more…

❝ The sale is bittersweet for site manager Jim Chardos, who went to work at Bellefonte in 1994 expecting it to be finished as a nuclear power plant. All these years later, he commutes 90 minutes each way to work to oversee a plant that has never been stocked with radioactive fuel or used either of its reactors to generate a single watt of electricity.

Work began at Bellefonte in the mid-’70s on the backside of the nuclear energy boom in the United States, Chardos said. The utility initially planned to construct four reactors at the site, but demand for power in the region never met those early expectations and work halted in 1988. A series of starts and stops preceded TVA’s decision earlier this year to sell Bellefonte.

“If you’re going to make 1,200 megawatts you need to sell it to somebody, and if there’s no need for it you’re not going to finish,” he said. “And that’s really what’s happened.”

I advocated for nuclear power plants for over a half-century. Started-out working for a subcontractor/vendor and learned enough about the process to consider it worthy. Ideally – which means “almost impossible in the United States – nuclear power plants can produce lots of affordable electricity over their lifespan. Radioactive fuel can be recycled. Safe construction is not rocket science.

Just not in the United States. and in recent years, the diminishing cost and alternatives – especially solar electricity – makes the question moot. Nuclear power can’t compete in our markets.

2 thoughts on “Attention Shoppers: Nuclear power plant for sale cheap$ (needs work)

  1. Joe Fission says:

    “Westinghouse Electric Company, which helped drive the development of nuclear energy and the electric grid itself, filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday, casting a shadow over the global nuclear industry. The filing comes as the company’s corporate parent, Toshiba of Japan, scrambles to stanch huge losses stemming from Westinghouse’s troubled nuclear construction projects in the American South [$9.9 billion for its current fiscal year]. Now, the future of those projects, which once seemed to be on the leading edge of a renaissance for nuclear energy, is in doubt.”
    Meanwhile: “Nuclear “Bailout” Trend Gains Traction in More States” (3/23/17) slideshow

  2. Irving says:

    “Dominion Energy To Buy SCANA, Absorb Costs Of Failed Nuclear Project” “…SCANA and state-owned Santee Cooper began construction began five years ago on two new reactors at the Summer nuclear plant. But cost overruns, construction delays and the bankruptcy of the project’s lead contractor led them to abandon the expansion last July. That came after the utilities had already spent more than $9 billion. Consumers have been paying for the expansion through their monthly bills.”
    Meanwhile: “California’s last operating nuclear power plant will close in 2025, owner Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has announced.” (includes video tour)

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