Borrowed Time by Pixar

❝ Pixar Animation Studios is known for making surprisingly dark, bold storytelling choices in its movies. For movies that are meant to be accessible to children, they can be sharply daring in the directions they take…

❝ The piece certainly is more adult, but it still has the familiar Pixar look, with marvelously expressive characters and a tremendous attention to environment and modeling…And like so many Pixar features, Borrowed Time is expressly about family bonds, and how they heighten emotions — in this case, guilt and disappointment. This is a short vignette, but it’s effective and powerful.

❝ Granted, an actual Pixar film would certainly make a point of relieving the tension and sorrow this short sets up, and would use it to some spectacular end…Hamou-Lhadj…and Coats…have set up what feels like the beginning to a terrific story. Here’s hoping they keep it going, past this tragic moment and on to the rest of the story of this man’s life.

I’ll second that emotion.

5 thoughts on “Borrowed Time by Pixar

  1. Winsor McCay says:

    “Borrowed Time is a fitting title, given the circumstances Coats and Hamou-Lhadj made the film under. It was by possible through Pixar’s Co-op program, an internal professional development program that allows employees to use Pixar resources in their free time. The film took over five years to make. includes featurette “Why we made Borrowed Time”

  2. Old School says:

    “The Little Gray Wolf Will Come : Inside the world of the greatest living animator and the masterpiece he knows he may never finish” (takes awhile to load) See also Google: ‘Yuri Norstein videos’ for some examples of his work.
    Re: the Multiplane camera see also Walt Disney explaining same @

  3. Iwerks says:

    “Borrowed Time” has been nominated for an Oscar (Best Animated Short Film) It’s already won an number of other awards Meanwhile: Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Moana” has grossed over $511 million in worldwide box office revenue since Nov 23. Pretty good turnout for a movie inspired by Pacific Islanders’ struggle against climate change. The film has been nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Original song

  4. Felix says:

    “If it had been released even one year ago, Ann Marie Fleming’s latest film, Window Horses, would probably have been described as a quaint, delicate story of art transcending borders: Set at a poetry festival in Iran that brings together European, Canadian, Chinese, and Persian artists, the film is a convincing 85-minute argument for the value of arts festivals in solving inter-cultural problems and healing old geopolitical and personal wounds. Yet, as it makes its United States debut in early 2017, that premise now seems tailor-made to protest the recent travel ban affecting citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. With all due respect to last year’s Zootopia, Window Horses may be the most pointed rebuke of nationalist Trumpian geopolitics in 2017’s animated film market (it is screening at film festivals and seeking distribution this year).

  5. Next up says:

    “Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios has announced that its next feature film will be called Soul. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on June 19, 2020. “One year from today, Pixar Animation Studios will take you on a journey from the streets of New York City to the cosmic realms to discover the answers to life’s most important questions,” Pixar posted on Instagram on Wednesday.
    The studio has also set up an Instagram account for Soul [link]
    The announcement comes just a couple of weeks after Pixar released the first trailer for its upcoming film Onward, with the Disney-owned studio tweeting the official poster and the first teaser trailer in late May. [link]
    Toy Story 4 also came out in theaters earlier this month, showing how far Pixar’s animation has come in the last two decades. [link]”

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