9 thoughts on “Cartoon: at the helm of the ship of state

  1. Laugh Riot says:

    ”In a motion filed over the weekend, attorneys for US president-elect Donald Trump asked a judge ( https://qzprod.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/trump-university-motion.pdf ) to postpone his civil fraud trial, citing the burdens of transitioning to the White House as a “political novice.” http://qz.com/836148/president-elect-donald-trump-asks-to-postpone-trump-university-fraud-trial-because-he-is-a-political-novice/ The trial was set to begin in 15 days. Trump faces two different federal lawsuits from multiple participants in Trump University, a for-profit learning enterprise he marketed to students eager to learn his real estate secrets, including $1,500 weekend seminars and mentorship programs costing $35,000. In the lawsuits, students say they were deceived by false promises and did not profit from the course.

  2. Not2Worry says:

    “Donald Trump’s transition team is getting a helping hand from the Obama administration on national security matters.” http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/black-swan-exercise-give-trumps-team-practice-security/story?id=43475031 “The administration is giving the president-elect and a select few of his top advisers sensitive intelligence briefings. (despite Russian contacts https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/moscow-had-contacts-with-trump-team-during-campaign-russian-diplomat-says/2016/11/10/28fb82fa-a73d-11e6-9bd6-184ab22d218e_story.html ) And, in addition, Trump and his team will take part in two so-called ‘black swan’ exercises that simulate a domestic or national security emergency.
    The exercises are intended to help an incoming administration learn how to manage a crisis in real time in case there is some kind of global or domestic emergency in the first days of a Trump presidency. A black swan exercise would, for example, ensure that a fledgling Trump administration knows how to activate the proper federal agencies TO MAINTAIN STABILITY.”

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