Chinese bridge goes from Point A to Point B — and Point C!

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This pedestrian bridge is 185 m (607 ft) long, spanning roads, footpaths and a river. Its intertwined and interconnected threads, which rise up to 24 m (79 ft) high, touch down at different points – including on the river banks, next to a road and in a park – joining, or “knotting,” these places together.

NEXT Architects, which designed the bridge, aimed in part for it to be a new public space and attraction for what is a developing area. It was inspired by the continuously flowing Mobius ring and by Chinese knotting art. Further to informing the style and structure of the bridge, the knot also symbolizes luck and prosperity…

Walking across the bridge, people can take in views of the Dragon King Harbour River, the Meixi Lake, Changsha and the nearby mountains. It will also boast an LED lightshow that will help to position the bridge as an attraction.

The Lucky Knot bridge was designed collaboratively by the Chinese and Dutch arms of NEXT Architects…with NEXT awarded the contract…after taking part in an international design competition.

There’s a gallery of more photos inside the article. Attractive, interesting, truly outside accepted norms for bridges. Even pedestrian bridges.

One thought on “Chinese bridge goes from Point A to Point B — and Point C!

  1. Trưng says:

    “Vietnam’s New ‘Golden Bridge’ Looks Like Something Out Of A Fantasy World” “The Golden Bridge is a part of a $2 billion dollar investment that aims to attract more visitors to Vietnam. And such efforts may already be paying off. In the first two months of 2018, Vietnam saw 2.86 million foreign visitors come to explore the country. This is a 29.7 percent increase over the same period of time in 2017, according to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam.

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