Computer simulation demonstrates global 100 percent renewable electricity system

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❝ A new model developed by Lappeenranta University of Technology shows how an electricity system mainly based on solar and wind works in all regions of the world. It shows the functioning of an electricity system that fulfils the targets set by the Paris agreement by using only renewable energy sources.

The global Internet of Energy Model visualizes a 100 percent renewable energy system for the electricity sector for 2030. It can do this for the entire world which, in the model, has been structured into 145 regions, which are all visualised, and aggregated to 9 major world regions…

❝ The model is designed to find the most economical solution for a renewable electricity system. The model shows how the supply of electricity can be organised to cover the electricity demand for all hours of the year. This means that best mix of renewable energy generation, storage and transmission components can be found to cover the electricity demand, leading to total electricity cost roughly between 55 and 70 euros per megawatt-hour for all 9 major regions in the world.

But the story does not end here. The researchers have ambitious goals to develop the model further. Future upgrades will go from looking only at the electricity sector to showing the full energy sector, including heat and mobility sectors. The model will also describe how to transition from the current energy system towards a fully sustainable one.

❝ According to the researchers the model debunks myths about what renewables can and cannot achieve. One of the myths is that a fully renewable energy system cannot possibly run stable for all hours of the year, due to the intermittent character of solar and wind energy. Another myth is the idea that without large base load generation capacities, such as coal or nuclear plants, an electricity system cannot work. According to the researchers, both of these are incorrect and the facts can be checked from the model.

The core of this effort – for me – is that over time it demonstrates a pattern of initiative that can result in the desired ends, e.g., diminution of greenhouse gases and a path to a healthier environment.

That university researchers have moved this far speaks well for our future. Even with creepy politics slithering into portions of the equation now and then. 🙂

One thought on “Computer simulation demonstrates global 100 percent renewable electricity system

  1. Meanwhile says:

    “U.S. Wind Power Demand: Corporations Take the Lead” First-time corporate buyers are entering the U.S. market in droves and now account for the majority of both deal announcements and contracted MW [megawatts] of wind and solar energy. The deals announced in 2015 amounted to 3.44 GW [gigawatts] of energy, nearly triple the total for 2014, which was double the total for 2013. A whopping 2.29 GW of 2015’s year-end numbers, or slightly more than two-thirds of the total, was purchased by corporations new to utility-scale renewable energy.
    Also: “The U.S. solar market is set to grow a staggering 119 percent this year says GTM Research in its latest U.S. Solar Market Insight Report 2015 Year in Review, published in conjunction with the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).
    Led by the utility-scale segment, GTM Research forecasts 16 gigawatts (GW) of solar will be installed in the U.S. in 2016, more than doubling the record-breaking 7.3 GW installed in 2015.”

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