Santa Fe stands firm as a sanctuary city

Javier Gonzales

❝ Less than a week after Donald Trump won the election for president of the United States, the mayor of New Mexico’s capital city is not backing down from so-called “sanctuary” status.

This comes despite threats to cut federal money to such cities made by the president-elect during the campaign.

“The threat is intended to divide us against each other,” Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales wrote in a statement on Twitter Monday afternoon. “It is one of the first, but it won’t be the last we see out of this administration, which based on its own words intends to persecute and attack not only immigrants but women, Muslims, people of color, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and more.”

❝ Though there is no formal legal definition, the politically charged term “sanctuary city” typically refers to cities that limit cooperation with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency on immigration policies.

Santa Fe, for example, bars the use of public resources to check for someone’s immigration status. That means city police are not supposed to check the immigration status of someone they arrest…

❝ Gonzales also vowed to fight in court should a Trump administration follow through with this promise.

“We don’t relish having to re-litigate issues which we hoped were long-settled, but we won’t hesitate to rise to the occasion when we must,” Gonzales said…

Mayors of other “sanctuary” cities like Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco made similar pledges to keep their status on Monday.

Racists continue to demand all citizens assist their bigotry. Xenophobes, sexists, the whole midden heap of ideological garbage that unites Trumpkins will be set upon Americans as the religious crusade against a modern free nation escalates.

Stand firm sisters and brothers.

6 thoughts on “Santa Fe stands firm as a sanctuary city

  1. Update says:

    (Santa Fe, New Mexico): “Downtown Restaurant Vandalized with White Supremacist Messages : An overnight break-in at India Palace restaurant causes thousands in damages”
    “The restaurant has only recently re-opened after being closed due to COVID-19 public health orders, and recent protests in downtown have made the area rife with conflict.
    According to the Singhs, last Thursday during a Three Sisters Collective protest on the Plaza an armed man incorrectly parked his car in one of India Palace’s spots. When he was asked to move, he threatened the family with his guns; police were called and collected the vehicle’s information. The man identified himself as a nearby business owner before heading in the direction of the Plaza with multiple guns and magazines.”

    “The Santa Fe Police Department is investigating the recent vandalism at downtown restaurant India Palace as a hate crime and the department “is aggressively pursuing those responsible for this disgusting display of hatred and intolerance,” a new release issued Tuesday afternoon stated. Additionally, Deputy Chief Paul Joye tells SFR police are considering possible connections between this incident and the vandalism that defaced the Plaza obelisk. Police believe both crimes occurred in the same time frame overnight on Sunday, June 21. According to Joye, police are collecting surveillance videos from the area, but have not released any information about potential suspects or leads.The FBI also has offered its assistance with the investigation into unlawful entry, criminal damage and vandalism; restaurant owner Bajit Singh made a report with the FBI shortly after discovering the crime.

  2. Warbucks says:

    “Can Santa Fe survive as a nuclear weapons suburb?”
    “Los Alamos National Laboratory, the most lavishly funded nuclear weapons facility in the world, has embarked on a new mission: making plutonium warhead cores (“pits”) on an industrial scale, to involve 4,000 full-time personnel and 24/7 operations.
    It’s among the dirtiest and most dangerous missions in the nuclear weapons complex, not seen at LANL since the 1940s. It’s centered in an old facility built for research and development, now to be driven far beyond its original capacity.
    LANL predicts it will spend $18 billion to start up production over this decade. In constant dollars, this is 15-fold what the Manhattan Project spent in New Mexico — indeed it dwarfs the cost of every other project in New Mexico history.”

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