Polling expert makes good on promise to eat bug

❝ A Princeton University polling expert who said he would eat a bug if Donald Trump got more than 240 electoral votes has followed through on his promise.

Sam Wang, of the Princeton Election Consortium, made good on his Twitter word on CNN Saturday.

He ate from a can of gourmet-style crickets and added in some honey.

He said John the Baptist ate locusts and honey in the wilderness, and he considers himself to be in the wilderness as well.

❝ Wang says on the consortium’s website that polls failed, but that his analysis “amplified” that failure. He apologized for “underestimating the possibility” of Trump winning.

Wang is a data scientist and neuroscientist at Princeton.

Biblical rationales are always good for bets. Folks may not know that many researchers consider “manna from heaven” to be nothing more than tree lice. Mmm. Crunchy.

One thought on “Polling expert makes good on promise to eat bug

  1. Perseverance furthers says:

    ‘Big lumps of protein’: Zimbabwe’s edible-insect farmer
    Nutritious, packed with protein and easy to grow, one insect farmer is promoting crickets as a sustainable food source. https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2021/7/1/big-lumps-of-protein-zimbabwes-edible-insect-farmer
    See also CAMFED (the Campaign for Female Education) association, a peer support network of young women who are spearheading action on climate change in Africa. https://camfed.org/our-impact/leading-climate-action/

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