Top UK football league players and officials support LGBT community with rainbow weekend

Click to enlargeGary Cahill, captain of 1st place Chelsea FCGetty

❝ The Premier League showed their support for the LGBT community this weekend with players and officials alike wearing rainbow laces in matches across the country…

Players from the 20 top flight clubs wore rainbow laces as a show of support while captains from each side had their armbands donned with the rainbow colours.

❝ “The Premier League is all about exciting, passionate and unpredictable football that is for everyone, everywhere.

“The Rainbow Laces campaign complements the work clubs are doing to promote inclusion and diversity in their stadiums, and across all levels of the sport”…PL chief Richard Scudamore on the campaign.

❝ A number of Premier League clubs…changed their social media backgrounds to the rainbow colours as did various media outlets.

The Premier League has also become a member of TeamPride, an organisation’s whose mission is to make sport everyone’s game…TeamPride works with fans and supporters and encourages them to show their support for the LGBT community so as to create an environment in which they can feel safe and accepted.

Every top flight team took part in the awareness push…Officials also wore the laces with massive rainbow flags opening each game…

The rainbow laces campaign was designed by charity Stonewall UK with the Scottish FA following the Premier league’s lead with their own efforts this weekend.

Anyone holding their breath for a campaign this all-encompassing in American professional sport?

One thought on “Top UK football league players and officials support LGBT community with rainbow weekend

  1. moss says:

    I’m going to try to get Pew to satisfy my curiosity about issues like this one. That is – I read discussions about bigotry and discrimination, US vs UK, that consistently claim Americans are more advanced than Brit (Scots, Irish, etc) about LGBT bigotry and I have no personal experience or observations to dispute this. But – and it’s significant in my very subjective view – I hear the same about color and racism between both sides of the pond.

    Yet, sport is always a big indicator for me. Both the US and UK are about the same for players in one or another sport. Campaigns against racism? The UK and FIFA are miles ahead of the US. What always sticks in my mind is looking at the crowds, families coming and going to matches, interviews with supporters – and I see more mixed race families and children in the UK than here in the US any day of the week.

    That’s about as subjective as you can be – but, it is one measure of changing times and acceptance nation to nation.

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