Victory for the Standing Rock Tribe

❝ …“Today, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will not be granting the easement to cross Lake Oahe for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline,” Standing Rock Sioux Tribal chairman Dave Archambault II said…“Instead, the Corps will be undertaking an environmental impact statement to look at possible alternative routes.

“We wholeheartedly support the decision of the administration and commend with the utmost gratitude the courage it took on the part of President Obama, the Army Corps, the Department of Justice, and the Department of the Interior to take steps to correct the course of history and to do the right thing.”

“It took tremendous courage to take a new approach to our nation-to-nation relationship, and we will be forever grateful,” he said…

❝ Since August, thousands of demonstrators have camped at the Standing Rock site to stand with Native Americans in opposing the 1,172-mile long pipeline, which is designed to carry 20 million gallons of oil across the Midwest every day.

Tribe members and environmentalists feared damage to local water supplies and the desecration of sacred land…

The tribe successfully mobilized national support, with demonstrators marching in Washington DC and elsewhere to pressure the government to abandon the construction.

❝ Sunday’s decision represents a huge win for the local tribe and their supporters, as well as a dramatic shift in the reaction of authorities, who had previously ordered all demonstrators to leave the campsite by Monday…

❝ Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders also welcomed the announcement:


❝ “I’m just thankful that there were some leaders in the federal government who have realized that something is not right even though it’s legal,” Archambault told MSNBC.

“I would say that it’s over,” he said.

I’m glad this was resolved before we move into populist foolishness. It should be difficult for Emperor Trump to overturn a decision like this one. Though, like any other fossil fuel flunky, no doubt he will try his best.

18 thoughts on “Victory for the Standing Rock Tribe

  1. UZA - a peoples' court of conscience says:

    Reblogged this on Peoples Earth Council and commented:
    Dear people, please please please pay attention, here; conflict at Standing Rock is un-necessary; the pen is mightier than the sword;

    The remedy is to challenge the jurisdiction of the federal government and courts; by what authority? none, it is assumed and presumed;
    by what jurisdiction? none; what is the law-of-the-sea doing on the peoples land? it’s ALL about jurisdiction; that is it; neither, they can prove neither;

    No, the peoples must declare and establish living natural jurisdiction; free from any and all legal fiction; by the end of January 2017, the Peoples Earth Council will hear the first case between an indigenous peoples of Southern Africa challenging the corporation RSA INC. fronting as government, its managers, the banks and the bar legal system; for want of jurisdiction; they are all imposters, acting as legal fictions, pieces of paper, imaginations under international law-of-the-sea; this means that NONE of their rules which they call “law” applies to anything tangible; and, not on the land;

    As a matter of neccessity, the local people and elders at Standing Rock must declare and establish a Truth and Reconciliation Convention at natural law jurisdiction, free from fiction; and, summons all imposters to appear and account for doing harm and causing loss to their peers; and, without real authority or jurisdiction;

    And, if the do not appear then they are guilty by default; he who leaves the battlefield first loses by default; in this way RSA INC. and its CONcourt was vacated this week in preparation for its TRC;

    The Declaration on the Rights of Peoples and Freedom Charter explains it all; all the paperwork is done for situations such as Standing Rock; the Peoples Earth Council is the remedy for situations such as these; feel free to get this message off to anyone there; we will gladly assist, or set up a public meeting on zoom to answer any questions;

    Freedom is ours, if we only knew what peaceful weapons are in fact in our arsenal;

    in peace, interim administrator; PEC

  2. Fool's Paradise says:

    Assistant Secretary for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy said in a news release that her decision was based on the need to “explore alternate routes” for the pipeline’s crossing. Her full decision doesn’t rule out that it could cross under the reservoir or north of Bismarck.
    House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted out his displeasure hours after the decision was made and said he looks “forward to putting this anti-energy presidency behind us.”
    President-elect Donald J. Trump said as recently as last week that he supported finishing the 1,170-mile pipeline, which crosses four states and is almost complete. Though the Army’s decision calls for an environmental study of alternative routes, the Trump administration could ultimately decide to allow the original, contested route.
    The company building the pipeline, Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners, reiterated its plan to complete construction of the pipeline without rerouting around Lake Oahe.
    Mr. Trump owns stock in Energy Transfer Partners, but he has said that his support has nothing to do with his investment.

  3. ’azhįįtee says:

    “Dakota Access LLC Committed To Completing Pipeline, Will Wait For Trump” Trump publicly supports the pipeline construction, received a $100,000 campaign donation from the pipeline company and may have as much as $300,000 personally invested in the project. See also Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota), Dec 5th, 2016:
    ● “Editorial: Pipeline protesters win Pyrrhic victory”
    ● “Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations”
    ● “Trump supports completion of Dakota Access Pipeline”

  4. čheží okhížata says:

    “What the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Really About” Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal claims “The standoff isn’t about tribal rights or water, but a White House that ignores the rule of law.”
    Fortune Magazine reports “The company building the Dakota Access Pipeline turned to a federal judge late on Monday for a permit to finish the job after the federal government ruled against the controversial pipeline.” In its legal filing ETP asked a judge to grant the permit, saying that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in its decision, responded to “political pressure and an escalating campaign of violence and disorder waged by protesters” against the project.
    Last month, ETP said that delays had already cost it $450 million, while it anticipated further monthly delays of about $83 million.
    Meanwhile 200 miles from Standing Rock a pipeline in Western North Dakota has been shut down following the discovery of a ‘significant’ oil spill into a river earlier this week. Reportedly officials are not sure exactly how much crude oil was spilled, however they say a series of booms have been set up to prevent the oil from spreading downstream. Since 2011 the owner of the pipeline has had 10 reported spills, totaling 4,848 barrels [roughly 204,000 gallons of crude oil] and $2.26 million in property damage, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA). The federal agency has also issued six warning letters to the pipeline company regarding integrity issues and safety procedures.

  5. Great White Father says:

    “Feds withheld key documents from Standing Rock Sioux”
    “The Army made a stunning admission earlier this month {link} when it announced its decision to require a deeper environmental review and more extensive consultation before deciding whether to grant an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline.
    In its consultations with the Standing Rock Sioux about the pipeline crossing underneath Lake Oahe within a half mile of the reservation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers purposefully withheld key studies that could have helped the tribe evaluate the risks. One report modeled damage from potential spills; another weighed the likelihood of spills; a third compared alternative routes and discussed the environmental justice concerns raised by the project. The revelation highlights the federal government’s perception of its limited responsibility to consult with tribes even on matters that could threaten its welfare.
    The contents of these documents, which have still not been released to the public, are unknown. “There’s this secret stuff that even we don’t have in the litigation. We were aware there were documents not available to us and we’ve been asking for them, ” Jan Hasselman, the tribe’s chief lawyer, says.”

  6. Update says:

    ‘It’s Our Standing Rock’: First Nations Sue Canadian Gov’t
    On Tuesday chiefs from the Coldwater Indian Band, the Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish First Nation announced they were launching a lawsuit against the Canadian government and a pipeline company over a massive pipeline project recently approved for Canada’s West Coast.
    See also “Trudeau ‘Declares War,’ Approves 2 Major Pipeline Projects”

  7. Gnat says:

    “Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners’ $33.8 billion pipeline could begin shipping crude oil from the Dakota Access Pipeline to Illinois as soon as next week. The tax revenue generated from the flow of crude oil through the Dakota Access Pipeline is expected to pump $100 million or more annually into North Dakota’s economy, the Associated Press reported Thursday.”

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