Boeing-Iran Deal for $16.6 Billion — unless Trump and his Republican flunkies screw it up

❝ The agreement Iran’s national carrier reached with Boeing to buy 80 aircraft valued at $16.6 billion is the first deal of its kind since 1979 — and one that will force Congress and President-elect Donald Trump to balance their diplomatic priorities with U.S. job growth…

❝ The pact reopens a market where Boeing hasn’t delivered a plane since 1977 — two years before a revolution roiled Iran and set off four decades of tension with the U.S. Those feelings still reverberate, with Trump critical of a nuclear accord that opened a path to the plane deal and the U.S. Congress considering legislation that could scuttle the transaction.

❝ Boeing noted that the deal was reached under the conditions of a U.S. government license issued in September and that the agreement with Iran Air will support almost 100,000 jobs in the U.S. aerospace industry. Iran is a critical market for Boeing in its competition with Airbus Group SE, said Loren Thompson, a defense analyst…

“Boeing can’t compete with Airbus if it can’t sell to places like Iran and China,” Thompson said. “Selling to Iran is a business imperative for Boeing.”

Iran – like the rest of the industrial world – realizes that Trump’s Amerika First policies in the hands of Congressional neo-cons and TeaPublicans are quite ready to cut off the noses, etc., of American workers to spite furriners’ business dealings with the United States. Fortunately, for Iran and other nations who might buy long-haul aircraft from Boeing there remains an alternative in Europe. A Europe unlikely to jump when ordered by Daddy Warbucks.

Who knows. Before Trump returns to counting money in his realty business, China might even have something to offer.

6 thoughts on “Boeing-Iran Deal for $16.6 Billion — unless Trump and his Republican flunkies screw it up

  1. moss says:

    “interesting” economics are scary as ever. Many are sitting back waiting for Trump to screw up all the advantages he’s inherited from Obama. Traditional out-of-date Reaganomics (really Hoover and Hayek) can both crush working class incomes further, push recessionary gambles, crookedness. Trump bullying, NYC-realty parochialism becomes national policy – and the rest of the world is prepared to continue the healthy side of global trends with science and intellectuals, technocrats that Trump won’t know by name or reputation.

  2. Nikohl Vandel says:

    Why I appreciate #DavosPlanB and the work of the World Economic Forum, so that we are integrated humanly, which include economies of not just nations, but workers as well, beyond political relationships that must be dictated from business, which, under #DavosPlanB, now is inclusive the People’s interest as well.

  3. Smilin' Jack says:

    China Southern Airlines Co Ltd said on Wednesday it had placed an order for 30 Boeing Co 737 MAX narrowbodies for its Xiamen Airlines subsidiary in a deal the plane maker said was worth more than $3.6 billion at list prices. The order, including 20 737 MAX 8s and 10 737 MAX 10s for delivery between 2019 and 2022 will be used to increase efficiency and capacity, China Southern said in a filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
    China Aircraft Leasing Group also ordered 50 737 MAX airplanes at the 2017 Paris Air Show, 15 of which are the new 737 MAX 10. This order is CALC’s first direct purchase from Boeing, with a value of $5.8 billion at list prices.

    • Hyuck says:

      “President Trump on Thursday will announce plans to crack down on China with what could possibly be billions in tariffs and restrictions on investment, a move some fear could set off a trade war.” “Although specific details of the Trump administration’s plan are still unknown, there have been media reports that president may decide to apply tariffs between $30 billion and $50 billion on Chinese imports in response to Beijing’s wide-ranging lax policies on intellectual property. …Beijing has threatened retaliation, mostly against U.S. agriculture, if Trump follows through on his promise.
      Under the rarely used section 301 of the trade law, the president has the power to take unilateral action to retaliate against China over its trade practices. Concern over what Trump will do on China has raised concerns among a diverse range of business groups that say their products made in China will be caught in the net of tariffs and will lead to higher prices for consumers on everything from shoes to electronics.

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