More sausage + more ham = more asthma

Once a month — tops — in our household

Diets rich in processed meats such as ham, sausage, and salami were associated with worsening asthma symptoms over time, according to researchers in France.

Results from a 7-year prospective study of 971 French adults showed a clear link between cured meat intake and worsening asthma symptoms…reported Zhen Li, MD, of…Paul Brousse Hospital in Villejuif, and colleagues.

In addition, body mass index (BMI), which has previously been associated with exacerbating asthma symptoms, accounted for just 14% of the total effect…

Li’s group analyzed data from the French Epidemiological study on the Genetics and Environment of Asthma — a longitudinal study that followed a group of asthma cases, their first-degree relatives, and controls for 20 years — to evaluate the link between processed meat intake and worsening of asthma symptoms among 971 adults (49% men). The average age of participants was 43 and 42% had asthma…

…The researchers found a positive association between high intake of cured meat and worsening asthma symptoms over time…

The researchers also found that the proportion of adults with worsening asthma symptoms varied by weekly cured meat intake: 14% among those who ate one or fewer weekly servings, 20% among those who ate one to four, and 22% among those who consumed four or more.

…”the highest likelihood (76% more) was observed among participants who ate cured meats four or more servings per week, compared with those who ate less than one serving per week,” Li told MedPage Today.

Li said that he hoped findings such as these would lead to public health initiatives regarding cured meat intake. “There remains a gap regarding the spread of knowledge from the research community to [the] public,” he sated. “Public health strategies are warranted to reduce cured meat/processed meat intake, and there is nothing to be lost by acting now.”

I’ll second that emotion.

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